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Recently on Offworld, columnist Margaret Robertson has once again told us about the games she can't stop coming back to, this time how a Game Boy Advance and a copy of Nintendo's willfully bizarre rhythm game Rhythm Tengoku (pictured) makes a new woman out of her. Elsewhere we saw a more in depth look at the creation of the DIY Portal gun, and at Apple's staunch refusal to allow penis pumps and underwire bras in Persuasive Games' airport security parody iPhone game Jetset. We also read the first bits of the Persuasive Games related Atari 2600 history book that focuses on its six most important games, and watched an early preview of a truly gorgeous iPhone shooter, Circuit Strike.One. Finally, we saw an upcoming Wii game that mixes 8-bit puzzler Adventures of Lolo with Silent Hill 2, an essential update to the iPhone's Katamari Damacy, downloaded and printed poster-sized artwork from classic LucasArts adventures, saw more Swiss design-inspired retro game covers, and looked at the latest preview of one of our most anticipated games of 2009, Amanita Design's Machinarium.

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