LEGO minifig motorcycle helmet

Supposedly via Design Boom, but I can't find the original. Update: Brandon found it. It's work of designer Sebastian Errazuriz.
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9 Responses to LEGO minifig motorcycle helmet

  1. abe lugo says:

    He’s using the wrong helmet the vintage Bell Star is the exact Legoman model

    see items 280308561137 and 320337967938

    Does anyone know where this type decal with through holes is made? is it legal?

  2. morcheeba says:

    Here’s a place that makes these covers, and they do custom work, too!
    (many of the links on that page seem broken, though)

  3. tw15 says:

    Hopefully his head doesn’t come off as easily as on a minifig.

  4. tikaro says:

    God BLESS you for finding this, BoingBoing Gadgets. I’m going to try to find some perforated sign vinyl IMMEDIATELY.

  5. donniebnyc says:

    The link for this on the boingboing page points to the cold steel pen.

  6. Ito Kagehisa says:

    I saw a fellow once who had the face-sucker from Alien on his motorcyle helmet, with the tail wrapped around his neck and everything.

    Night, all.

  7. workergnome says:

    He needs yellow gloves.

  8. stuiethegod says:

    I remember having some old ski goggles that had a holographic image across the lens. If you did a similar sort of thing but used a tri color laser, you could have a full color hologram of a minifig face that’s got the perspective right so it looks like there’s a minifig’s head in the helmet. That’s how I would have done it.

  9. P1rat3 says:

    The sides of the visor that are in front of the foam need to be blacked out to make it look as if a lego man is in there rather than filling up the entire helmet without any foam.

    Nice idea though.

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