Snow Leopard to include GPS-like CoreLocation framework

According to developers with access to the latest pre-release distributions of Snow Leopard, the OS now includes CoreLocation, which is the same framework that allowed the first iPhone to roughly triangulate its position without a GPS unit. That should open the way for some cool iPhone-like apps on MacBooks and MacBook Pros... perhaps even ports of stuff like recipe and friend finger applications that have gone over so well. Good stuff. Considering GPS chips were as inexpensive as $5 two years ago, it wouldn't be terribly surprising to see a GPS-equipped MacBook in the near future. Apple's Snow Leopard to Include Location Multi-Touch Tools [Apple Insider via Gadget Lab]
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2 Responses to Snow Leopard to include GPS-like CoreLocation framework

  1. ihaveseenenough says:

    I’m personally dying to get my hands on one of those friend finger applications. I’ve got some seriously hot friends that need fingering.

  2. Anonymous says:

    so what good is CoreLocation, if there is no device which can use this? I dont think you would use your laptop as a car navigation system.
    CoreLocation could be a hint to a new device class between MacBook an iPhone. Oh wait, an apple netbook with multitouch would fit like a glove!


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