Wired slams Vaio P

Following positive write-ups from others, Wired's Brian X. Chen takes a more skeptical approach to Sony's Vaio P.
It's a far more capable device than most netbooks, which justifies its price (twice that of most netbooks), Sony officials say. And boy, are they wrong.
Best line: "The idea of carrying one of these things in a coat pocket screams 'nerdy douche.'" I think he hates it. First Look: Sony Vaio P Series Lifestyle PC [Wired:Gadget Lab]

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15 Responses to Wired slams Vaio P

  1. georgelazenby says:

    I really thought this was one of the places I could get away from he media’s obsession with the clumsy drama-word ‘slam’.

    journalism doesn’t have to free-fall everywhere, Rob.

  2. airshowfan says:

    Cowtown: all the other netbooks really made me regret diving right in with the eeepc 7″.


  3. Anonymous says:

    “The 8-inch LED screen displays a high 1,600 x 768 resolution. That’s impressively sharp, but it means onscreen type becomes extremely small”

    Er, what? How about using larger fonts? Which OS today doesn’t allow you to set the size of on screen type for both window manager and applications?

    Reading a sentence like this instantly triggers the “this guy hasn’t a clue either, I’ll stop bother reading” switch in my brain.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Surely “nerdy douche” is WIRED’s target demographic?

  5. strider_mt2k says:


    You will shortly be issued a list of what words you WON’T be ruining journalism by using.


  6. cowtown says:

    I finally saw one of these in the flesh at Fry’s the other day, and the comments about the screen ring very true. It was much harder to read than the other netbooks on the counter, and would require a subatantial amount of tedious font-tweaking in the OS and browser (that in my experience mucks up other stuff) to be other-than-unpleasant to use. On the other hand, all the other netbooks really made me regret diving right in with the eeepc 7″.

  7. zio_donnie says:

    i’m i the only one to find the screen format in this thing awkward? from what i can say from the pics it either displays half a web page at a time or a full but tiny one.

    i waited forever for a cheap ultraportable and after drooling for a flybook for years asus made it possible,with other manufacturers raising the bar day by day in terms of price and features. then sony comes up with this? i can see why they would target the high end market but i hoped for a usable machine. CPU, screen, keyboard, OS, price = total fail.

    on this i am with wired. sony fails for entering the netbook segment with an overpriced “i’m not small enough to be a phone not big enough to be a netbook” contraption. in fact they do not call this thing a netbook. the term is turd .

  8. 23 says:

    Is screwing with font sizes really so terribly difficult? Has anyone with a laptop not got a USB mouse lying around? And, honestly, who’s going to leave Vista on anything?

    I’m not really seeing these problems, unless you count the predictably crap keyboard.

    The screen format is great if you tile windows with something like dwm (http://dwm.suckless.org).

  9. Rob Beschizza says:

    “journalism doesn’t have to free-fall everywhere, Rob. ”

    Like I give a shit.

  10. zio_donnie says:


    so essentially you are saying that i should pay 900-1200$ for a portable machine but i will need to format it, carry around a mouse and install obscure software to actually use it in a (not guaranteed)satisfactory way. i would consider this option if it costed 100$ not 10times that.

    why not just buy a regular netbook with better specs,screen,touchpad and OS choice for one third of the price and be done with it? it works out of the box and many of them are hack friendly if you would like to expand them with different OSs, touchscreens and what not. what does the turdbook offer more than a standard atom netbook that would entice me to bother making it work properly? the only way i could deem this device usefull would be if it had a 20+hour battery but i doubt it can do that.

    that’s a bit like buying an iphone. going through the hassle jailbreaking it and installing infinite 3d party apps just to make it do mundane tasks that a Nokia can do out of the box.

    it’s not my thing. when i pay good money i demand good performance. when i want to go through infinite loops i buy a 30$ chinese knockoff. in my book high end items are useless and overpriced if they lack unique features and need to be seriously hacked to perform basic functions.

    the wired guy nailed it, if only in half,saying that this is a device for the nerdy douche. he got the douche part but i doubt that a nerd would opt for one.

  11. Rob Beschizza says:

    “Surely “nerdy douche” is WIRED’s target demographic?”

    Wired’s target is mostly the tech-aware mainstream, as it happens. Every time I got too nerdly with something, editorial guidance would be to find the human element therein and illustrate the technology with it.

  12. Zak says:

    I too saw one at Fry’s the other day.

    I had no problem with the screen, but I despised the keyboard. I’m a never-thinks-about it style touch-typist, and my hands just steadfastly refused to find home on it.

    I don’t have the same problem on the MSI Wind.

    All that said, I still really want to know how Hackintoshable these little buggers are. I’d happily retrain my brain for Scrivener in that form factor.

  13. oldtaku says:

    Step 1: ‘It’s naht a tumah^h^h^h^h^hnetbook.’
    Step 2: Therefore we’ll wedge Vista onto it.
    Step 3: NoooooooooooooOOoOooOo (in slow motion).

    Tried one, was indeed slow as hell. Forget it, especially for that price.

  14. dculberson says:

    23, I mess around with fonts all the time, but at least under Windows it does screw up your formatting, layout of the UI, etc. It also screw up the layout of web sites on any OS.

  15. MichaelFoody says:

    I’d really like the form factor compared to other netbooks but I don’t need any of the extra features. Mobile Broadband, GPS, squintable hd screen. Don’t need and don’t want to pay for.

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