Eee 701 modded into swank tablet netbook

Over at the Mobile01 forums, user design529 hasn't just installed a touchscreen in his Asus Eee PC 701... he's fully converted it into a tablet with a custom chassis that weighs half a pound less than the original netbook. It'll be interesting to see when Asus themselves actually start spilling into the realm of netbook tablets, and if they crib any aspects from design529's build... particularly the rather nice buttons on the side for launching applications and controlling the cursor. Tablet 701 Eee PC [Mobile01 via Gadget Lab]
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5 Responses to Eee 701 modded into swank tablet netbook

  1. overunger says:

    Hell yeah! If you want it and it’s not out there, make it!!

    Now if only we can get some garage anti-gravity propulsion enthusiasts to get crackin’.

  2. theawesomerobot says:

    I wish netbook cases like this were commercially available – whenever the OEM creates a device like this they seem to end up doubling the price.

  3. stratosfyr says:

    If I had a couple of thousand dollars for the purpose, I’d put the guts of a notebook or netbook into a Wacom Cintiq.

    Or maybe not. But I’d think about it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    In watching this it occurred to me that the next logical step is to just have a screen on *both* sides of the lid. Or a double-side screen. I guess the tech for that doesn’t quite exist yet, but it seems like we ought to go in that direction.

    I suppose it is cheaper to just add a swivel hinge like on most convertible tablets.

  5. tinfoil says:

    The Eee should have been like this from the day it was released.

    Almost makes me wish I hadn’t gotten rid of mine. Almost.

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