Star Wars' "Imperial March" scraped across a hard drive

[via Gizmodo]
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15 Responses to Star Wars' "Imperial March" scraped across a hard drive

  1. Anonymous says:

    my hard drive plays a variation on that theme every third time i boot up. it doesn’t play the same melody per say, but somehow it instills the same sense of dread as the original.

  2. murray says:

    Another awesome thing you can do with an audio signal is hook it up to a speaker. It sounds fantastic!

  3. certron says:

    Someone mentioned it on the 2nd page of comments of the Gizmodo article, but here is the ‘original':

    At least, it was the first time I saw anything like it.

  4. milsyobtaf says:

    my hard drive speakers sound a hell of a lot better than that. sounds like he needs a bigger amp and a cleaner source. also, quit holding the speaker wires onto the arm, just solder them on so the arm can float freely. n00b.

  5. Nelson.C says:

    My external just failed, and the only tune it plays now is tick-tick, tick-tick, tick-tick….

  6. a random John says:

    You can do this with anything with a motor in it. I’m not sure why all the examples limit themselves to harddrives. If a device is battery powered and has a motor you can hook your speaker wires where the battery usually goes and get sound out of it.

  7. Agies says:

    The Afrotech ones are much better.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone remember a program for the Commodore-64 that would play Bicycle Built For Two on the floppy drive?

  9. obscurica says:

    Why do you even need a motor? If I’m understanding correctly that there’s no read or seek functions happening at all, and you’re simply using the surface of the drive as a resonator, you could use just about anything that would vibrate, motor or not. Perhaps I’m confused as to why this is so cool.

  10. Chris Tucker says:

    #6, Yep. 1541 Music Machine.

    Remarkably silly program. Yet, geekily satisfying.

  11. nehpetsE says:

    I tried this using a 500w pa amp. The drive seemed to sound its best just before the coil sprung a leak and let all the compressed smoke escape.

  12. strider_mt2k says:

    That was one in a million…

  13. Drhaggis says:

    I didn’t think there was a wrong way to play Star Wars music on a hardrive motor. Leave it to Boing Boing readers to prove me wrong.

  14. mdh says:

    You know the little tune the whirring motors in some ATM’s make?

    I want them to play this.

  15. technogeek says:

    Has he just hooked up the arm driver coil to an audio source, or is this actually programmed seeks?

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