An excellent Kindle 2.5 mockup

Reader Ken writes in with his design for an improved Kindle 2, featuring a sliding keyboard to keep the scale down, at the cost of extra depth.
When I first saw the new Kindle 2.0 images, I hated the big bezel too. However, I also hated the ever-present keyboard. I understand why Amazon wants it there, but does it need to stare me in the face all the time, even when I'm just reading a book?
Though I don't think the K2 is as ugly as some believe, Amazon's gotten it wrong in a particularly inspiring way. Thank you, Ken!

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11 Responses to An excellent Kindle 2.5 mockup

  1. Purly says:

    I want one that does color, with a slightly bigger screen, and with textbooks.

  2. thebezerker says:

    I, for one, will not support Amazon in any way. Once upon a time, I had a seller account. I had around twelve sales, then I received a less-than favorable review from someone who’s package was displaced. A week later, Amazon sent a notice that my account would be closed.

    Thanks a lot.

  3. Eric Hunting says:

    Yes, this is more like what a PAD of this sort is supposed to look like. Statistically, I doubt the keyboard gets used enough to justify its overt presence and, in the absence of a touch screen, a slide-out like this, or even a plug-in, is sensible. We need to start thinking of these devices as ergonomically specialized elements in a larger personal computing environment -neither one-purpose appliances or digital swiss army knives that do damn-near everything, badly. Rather we should think of devices as representing modes of use relative to some range of applications within a context of a larger personal computing environment. There’s a reason ‘media convergence’ hasn’t quite worked out and it’s because, while the back-end of our computing environments are becoming more generic, the front ends are becoming more specialized and the dividing line between devices cuts across optimal user interface.

    I also concur with the first commenter about Amazon’s Market management running amok while upper management distracts itself with digital diversions. I was once eager to get the newer Kindle but now I have a bad taste in my mouth after just recently having 80 orders killed in a single day AFTER their staff invited me to sell there and personally pre-approved my entire inventory. I’ve recently been hearing a growing number of similar horror stories. from other merchants and even a small-run publisher. Someone’s not minding the e-Store…

  4. funnelbc says:

    Lovely work. I’d buy it – the keyboard being out the whole time defies the overall idea of the device. I don’t this his Steveness would have allowed that to happen!

  5. styrofoam says:

    His steveness didn’t release the product in the first place, so let’s just move on over what apple would and wouldn’t do.
    Obviously not a fan of slideout keyboards, even though the users of hte iPhone appear to want one.

    That said, the slide out keyboard would be nice, but would have probably made the new kindle deeper than the old one- and I’m guessing that was seen as too much of a compromise.

    The feature I want most of all is for the top bezel to slide up on some arms and pivot out- revealing a few LEDs for reading at night. Backlit ePaper isn’t exactly the answer we’re looking for, but a decent built in booklight would be pretty nice. The Sony overlay frontlight was kind of a disaster.

  6. BlindKarma says:

    Personally, I love the form factor on the Sony EReader 505. I’m still thinking about getting one. I don’t need all the bells and whistles of the Kindle, just the epaper.

  7. Chris Furniss says:

    Yup. This is what I am looking for. I’d buy this.

  8. Kennric says:

    @5: “i think the reason for the big bezel is demonstrated perfectly in the first shot, it stops your thumbs covering the page”

    How big are the margins on your paperpacks? Is this really a problem?

  9. mralistair says:

    The bezel i guess is more about having something to hold onto, it’s a little too large to hold like an iphone

  10. sirwebster says:

    i think the reason for the big bezel is demonstrated perfectly in the first shot, it stops your thumbs covering the page

  11. Daemon says:

    Definately looks a lot better. Still costs a hundred times too much for me.

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