Bandai netbook features green skin and cute, blob-like monsters

This Japanese netbook is notable for two things. The first is its branding: it is infested with various adorable, blob-like monster chans from the realm of Japanese children's television.That implies an interesting future for netbooks as children's laptops... an intuitive leap, and a superficial solution to the problem of differentiating identically specced netbooks from one another in a crowded space. But hell, I just love the metallic lime green. Gadgets need more color, and short of Dell and Acer's chromatic forays, the netbook pallette is just depressingly monotone and bleak. Cheap plastic just looks even grungier in Inspiron black or Apple white. Netbooks are tiny enough to be carried everywhere: they may well become the technological fashion accessories that phones have become. There's a requirement that they stay cheap, but not look cheap... and vibrant color's a good way of doing that. Let's see more of this, please. Bandai Gachapin & Mukku Netbook [Bandai via DVICE]
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7 Responses to Bandai netbook features green skin and cute, blob-like monsters

  1. elix says:

    Vista notwithstanding, the product shot of that ‘book with the clamshell open looks like an XO and a Dell had a baby.

    Not that that’s a bad thing. Just pointing it out.

  2. damageman says:

    Is there anything that Gachapin cannot do???

    This time he made a computer, next who knows, chemical weapons maybe.

  3. knutmo says:

    I love the antenna

  4. Anonymous says:

    Netbooks are already being marketed as “perfect for kids!” in our local TRU, with a big kiosk and everything. And a friend gave my daughter (then 3) his netbook last year and she took to it instantly. She’d definitely like a green one with monsters better though!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    They aren’t blobs. That’s Gachapin and Mook. Gachapin is…well I don’t really know what he/she/it is but Gachapin is definitely cool.
    Gachapin has been know to water ski scale Everest you name it. Someone once told me that there is a guy inside and it’s just a Gachapin suit but la la la la la la la I’m not listening to them!

  6. Halloween Jack says:

    Eh, if the kids are into the day-glo green, good for them. I just remember how irritating it was to use HotBot, Wired’s search engine, because of its similar color scheme.

  7. Marshall says:

    It’s hard for me not to love Thinkpad basic black, but this thing is adorable. And the antenna is super cool.

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