Power On Self Test: Legs

Photo: Pete Carr / Boston.com

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6 Responses to Power On Self Test: Legs

  1. oldtaku says:

    Holy crap. I can’t really contribute to this other than ‘me too’, but this is possibly the most awesome real ‘robot’ I’ve ever seen. Taking your $3M robot up the side of a building takes some serious chutzpah, and the picture of the crying girl is just total win as art. You’ve completely connected with your audience, even if it’s negatively. Heck, I’m just sitting here trying to imagine that thing ‘walking’ down the street, and I’m just awed.

  2. dculberson says:

    “It also attracted protests from arachnophobe groups about how it would terrify some people.”

    That’s pretty sad.

  3. petecarr says:

    Yey I made Boingboing. Cool :) Theres more photos on my site, http://petecarr.net/personal/la-machine/

  4. holtt says:

    If you look really close at a real spider you can see the little people. If the spider is dead you won’t see them, as they jump off.

  5. Chrs says:

    I’m still pissed that the legs aren’t load-bearing.

  6. Halloween Jack says:

    Does it eat people? Please say that it eats people.

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