All-in-one recycling center is efficient and compact

Since moving to Germany, I've become better about recycling. This is not due to any actual love for the environment, which has been making concerted efforts to kill me, you and everyone you care about for years, but simply through an absorbed German admiration for efficiency, coupled with a distressing lack of "anything goes" dumpsters in my apartment building's courtyard. Once into it, there's something very satisfying about recycling: how every bottle, newspaper, orange peel or napkin has its exact place in a colorful bin. And while, in general, I tend not to be very forward thinking about landfill concerns, I will say that I have become more and more revolted by the concept of needless waste since I left America. So, while an enemy of Mother Nature, I really like this All-In-One Home Recycling Center. It stores all recyclable material including plastic, metal and glass, and even crushes it down for maximum efficiency. It's more expensive than a smorgasbord of rainbow colored recycling buckets at $249.95, but again: my couple of years in Germany have made me amenable to such spatial efficiency. Mode All in One Home Recycling Centre [Red Ferret]
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4 Responses to All-in-one recycling center is efficient and compact

  1. Anonymous says:

    Since you moved to Germany, would you mind posting dimensions in metric system instead of that crappy gallonofootolbsinches?

  2. Wordguy says:

    It seems pretty small. I have curbside recycling pickup, but they alternate weeks for paper/cardboard and plastic/glass. This unit looks tidy but I don’t think it will hold two weeks of either.

  3. dculberson says:

    Yeah, I need a cubic yard at least to hold my week’s worth of empty beer and whiskey bottles.

  4. Enochrewt says:

    Ugh, my Dad is going to be sad about this one, he had this idea about a year ago.

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