31 iPhone fart apps in 90 seconds

If the iPhone App Store has a raison d'etre, a "Hello World!", it's the timeless fart app. A million years from now, when mucousy, bulbous-eyed extraterrestrial archeologists bring Cupertino's app mainframe back online for a mass upload into the Intergalactic Wikipedia, they will identify the iPhone not as a wireless communication device, but instead as a portable rebroadcaster for a simian's most spluttering emissions of gas sac. There's over sixty fart apps available through iTunes, only differentiable from one another through each's personal and tell-tale dilation of sphincter. Here's a tour of thirty-one fart apps, courtesy of The Ultimate Apple Weblog. 31 Fart Apps in 90 Seconds [TUAW]
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2 Responses to 31 iPhone fart apps in 90 seconds

  1. wurp says:

    He left out the most best app, Pharce! (By me, of course :-) You can make a video in which a picture of your buddy farts (or says asinine things, or burps, or grows horns, or whatever). Then you can generate a video & email it to said buddy.

    You can also just play sound effects (including farts), but honestly, why don’t you just download mp3s of the sounds if you want to do that?

  2. certron says:

    I’m still bitter that I’m not the one making $8,000 a day from some of these apps.

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