lolwtf: "F1 Nose Cone and Steering Wheel with Clock and Neon Light"

I'm not sure what's more incredible about this... whatever the fuck. The fact that its design resembles a toy F1, a steering wheel and a wall clock shot together through a Cronenberg matter teleportation device, or the bizarre hunchback model they've got squinting and slouching in front of it for an infusion of sex appeal. F1 Nose Cone and Steering Wheel with Clock and Neon Light [Yab Design via Nerd Approved]
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33 Responses to lolwtf: "F1 Nose Cone and Steering Wheel with Clock and Neon Light"

  1. Peekah says:

    Sex appeal accomplished!

  2. bobkat says:

    this thread has some of the funniest comments i’ve ever seen on boingboing! thanx, everyone.

  3. WalterBillington says:

    Jesu Christi. Appalling taste and sight distortion meet midly above average sculpting capability mixed with distant-mind syndrome.

    That vague fear creeps into my stomach, a kind of pre-adolescent fascination with the apparent care put into this rubbish, and hence admiration, but a keen knowing that it’s wrong, it doesn’t fit with the growing vision of the world, but darn it little Harry was congratulated by the pretty art teacher for his efforts and look at this stuff doesn’t it look just like his and my if I could do it too how many people would want to be my friend I’d have lollies and candyfloss and special clown seats and balloons I’d get a call from Ringling I’d have an agent I’d be rich and desirable oh my … oh my … I think I will take up awful, awful sculpture too.

    And the good bit is – I’m so sightless viz my true place shoved into a dark corner by Rodin and Henry Moore that I’d never even know the shame or embarassment that would normally eventually evolve out of my observations of the reactions around me.

    There’s a scary movie here folks.

    Added to that the fact that I have a mild preference for the work of mon-sieur bome. After seeing those figures, i just don’t know what’s wrong and what’s right.

  4. DSMVWL THS says:

    Is this “art”?

  5. bazzargh says:

    I guess the models are there to give a sense of scale to the freakish 7 foot plastic bears and leering waiter statues they sell…

    Who buys larger-than-life-size bronze statues of kneeling, blindfolded, topless women anyway? Is there a large untapped market? Like maybe giants with empty mantlepieces and no taste?

  6. Alpinwolf says:

    Frankly, I find the daring of their post-neo-dadaist surrealism to be composed chiefly of *HORK*.

    I spotted another timepiece themed as someone of our favorite Age-of-Discovery Privateer class, but between the location of the ship’s wheel, scale of the thumbnail, and my own para-dyslexic effect removing a critical “L”…
    thought they were marketing Pirate Cock for a moment.

    I shall look no further, as I now expect imminently to find your junk in a box for sale.

  7. Tensegrity says:

    Wow, there is some seriously odd stuff at that site.

  8. Bill Beaty says:

    WAY MORE IS ON EBAY: Giant Betty Boops, green plastic army men, terminator, creepy fullsize celebrities. Bluto on a Harley.

    eBay store: LM Treasures

    Or is this a competitor for YAB? Maybe both are obtaining them from a still secret source!

  9. AirPillo says:

    This is what happens when F1 racing meets The Philadelphia Experiment.

  10. arkizzle says:

    Good thread :)

  11. Halloween Jack says:

    With those shoulders, I’m guessing that she took a Formula One car apart with her bare hands in a fit of rage. That doesn’t explain the transporter-accident effect, though.

  12. Grenoire says:

    They sell giant dinosaur statues! Giant dinosaur statues for your garden! dayum

  13. thechicgeek says:

    What the Hell is that thing?

  14. dccarles says:

    Okay, I’ll confess that I went looking for the larger-than-life-size kneeling blindfolded topless bronze figure. But my mind screamed ‘it hurts, it hurts!’ well before I found it.

    I mean, it’s easy to take cheap shots at ‘Alien Encounter On Motorbike’, or the knight’s helmet trash can but…even the normal stuff is bad. It’s just bland. The facial features on the figurines – is this Expressionlessism?

    After seeing this and those Lamborghini stilettos I think I need a unicorn chaser. Where was that site where the artist reproduced classic paintings from vegetables? Without irony, those were awesome.


  15. dole says:


  16. DMcK says:

    Does it come with lube?

  17. strider_mt2k says:

    This is the kind of shit that happens when folks step on a butterfly.

  18. RedShirt77 says:

    And is this clock contraption not a Buckaroo bonsai sort of thing? Maybe they drove through a mountain and ended up inside their own steering wheel. It could happen to any of us really. The girl of course was the driver. She now has part of the shifter lodged in her spine.

    Did everybody see this?

  19. jennybean42 says:

    LOL @ 11. I’m gonna start using that as an excuse for more fcked up crap.

  20. AirPillo says:

    Alternate explanation:

    Imagine it as a prop from a movie about the Event Horizon, were it crewed by rednecks.

  21. elguapostrikes says:

    its la pequeña prohibita!

  22. Marcel says:

    Hey, in defense of the girl, if I was a model (teeheehee) being asked to promote a product, and it turned out to be this contraption, I would have the exact same expression and posture.

  23. presto says:

    How did they get a picture of one of Sarah Palin’s sex dreams?

  24. Anonymous says:

    The model is sexy. I prefer models who look like ‘real’ women over the typical models who look like their bodies have been surgically enhanced by plastic devices and venom-derived toxins injected under the skin.

  25. teeman says:

    I think the model is kind of hot- she has kind of a “Klingon” look going on….


  26. TJ S says:

    I’m scared that she’s going to beat me up if I don’t buy one.

  27. minamisan says:

    their asscheek-inspired “Mars Explorer Wall Decor” has got me intrigued too…

    I wonder if they do international orders?

  28. Camillo Miller says:

    John, to be a perfectly Cronenbergesque situation, the girl should have a sort of slimy vagina opened on her stomach.
    Oh wait, maybe that’s the reason for that expression…

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