Mophie Juice Pack gets iPhone external batteries right

Most iPhone battery extenders turn one of Cupertino's sveltest designs into an pocket-dictionary sized lump of dark matter, or tether a battery dongle to the bottom with as much grace as a pair of pick-up truck testicles, but the Mophie Juice Pack may be the first one to get it right: it extends the power of the iPhone 3G by 270 hours of standby time, 4.5 hours of talk time, 4.5 hours of web browsing and 5.4 hours on wifi, while only increasing the thickness by a smidgen. It's expensive for a juice pack at $80, but this is the most elegant third party solution yet to the iPhone's woeful battery life problems. Mophie Juice Pack [Mophie]
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4 Responses to Mophie Juice Pack gets iPhone external batteries right

  1. djn says:

    On the flip side, 4.5 hours of talking or web browsing could happen in the time it’d take you to think through what parts of the amazon you’d like to see …

  2. TheTeege says:

    Yes please, my iPhone battery lasts no time at all. Somedays I dont make it through an entire school day (from 8:00-5:000 with minimal usage. And this juicpack isnt that much the one at the aplle store in like 100 bucks

  3. Halloween Jack says:

    Who, exactly, needs that much time away from AC current? Shoot, bubba, I think that I can dogpaddle the entire length of the Amazon in less than 270 hours.

  4. beneditor says:

    Released in Spring, so I can get 3 months use out of it before iPhone 2.1 is released in June.

    Accessory product cycle fail.

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