Palm CEO: PalmOS is dead, Pre App Store, International Carriers

Some great announcements burbled out of Palm CEO's talks with investors about the upcoming Pre: • PalmOS is dead, which will certainly drive the lingering but eerily fervent PalmOS community to teeth-gnashing, but which is only practical in the era of smartphones. All future Palm phones will be driven by the Pre's webOS (yes) or Windows Mobile (no). • Pre App Store at launch. Better: no lock down, a la iPhone. You will be able to install third-party apps without jailbreaking, through USB or over the air. • Palm has already established partnerships with carriers in Canada, Latin America and Europe. The Pre's going international. • Although there's no details about Palm's exclusivity deal with Sprint, Palm hopes to have the Pre on other carriers by 2010. It's great to watch Palm not only get the handset right, but get so many various philosophical aspects right, like open app development not limited to one corporate controlled distribution channel. Short of some appalling day one reviews, this is the phone that's replacing my iPhone. Palm CEO Ed Colligan talks Pre with investors [Precentral]
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9 Responses to Palm CEO: PalmOS is dead, Pre App Store, International Carriers

  1. Tommy says:

    Makes me feel good to see Palm on the verge of a rebound.

    Now if Be would come back. I mean, I can’t even get it to run in a virtual machine.

    I wonder how long it’ll take to get a PalmOS emulator on the Pre.

  2. Lea Hernandez says:

    Please, PLEASE let them use pay-as-you-go carriers.

  3. Rajio says:

    A lot will hinge on the price and exclusivity of this phone too.

    If it’s not too expensive it can be a worldbeater. It just has to be priced right an palm will rebound like nobody’s business. I think it’s learned it’s lesson by getting upstaged in recent years.

    …but WHEN can we get it? and why won’t they announce deals aside from sprint?

  4. zuzu says:

    …but WHEN can we get it? and why won’t they announce deals aside from sprint?

    Verizon customers will have to wait until the grey market emerges. I know many people who are stuck with VZW for a variety of reasons and who are extremely eager to get the Palm Pre as a “better-than-iPhone” mobile.

  5. technogeek says:

    Not replacing my phone until it’s affordable or bundled affordably on my carrier, but… i sounds hopeful.

    Though what I *really* want to hear is someone promise me that Palm has licked the touchscreen calibration problems that drove us middle-generation Palm owners semi-crazy.

  6. Takashi Omoto says:


    You can always go for Haiku OS ( that is a by-the-book, fairly compatible update of the BeOS kernel and philosophy, and runs pretty dandy on a VM. However, Palm doesn’t own BeOS, a company called Access does. Access, however, develops PalmOS (well, it owns GarnetOS, that is PalmOS for third-parties). So that means this ends up as a pretty heavy blow for that company.

  7. Astin says:

    A lot will depend on the carriers too. I have no doubt Bell/Telus in Canada (assuming CDMA if they’re with Sprint) will find ways to screw with the coolness. There will be carrier-enforced lockdowns on 3rd party apps (only download stuff from our overpriced online store at ridiculous rates!), crippled OS/firmware, and other things that make it far less cool than it could be.

  8. Nick15 says:

    I’m really bummed out about the death of the Palm OS, just as much as when Mac OS 9 died (I’m still reluctant to upgrade to OSX 10.5 because of its lack of Classic!). The death of the Palm OS though ultimately means I’m no longer “tied down” to Palm, I can go anywhere I want; all my old Palm apps are just as useful on the new Web OS as it is on the iPhone or Google’s G1. The idea that Palm needs to re-win my support stings a bit; they wouldn’t need to compete against other phones for my money if they only kept Palm OS compatibility on the Pre, even in an emulated form. Apple certainly kept a lot of Mac users from jumping ship by keeping the Classic layer alive in the first version of Mac OS X…

    I’m even more upset by the Sprint-exclusivity for the Pre. Though considering that I just recently bought a Centro from my carrier (AT&T), I’m hoping that the Pre will be available for AT&T once my Centro is finally ready to be replaced.

    Ultimately though, even if the Web OS isn’t the Palm OS, as long as Palm instills into Web OS the same ideas, concepts and values that made the Palm OS so unique compared to the iPhone and the G1, I think I’ll come to enjoy Web OS.

  9. muteboy says:

    Point 1 is a shame, but understandable. And that pain is completely salved by point 2.

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