HP's custom Ubuntu skin for netbooks now installable by everyone

As I hoped, plucky hackers have taken that gorgeous HP custom shell for their Ubuntu netbooks, ripped out the launcher, OS skin and some application skins, and made it available for everyone. Score. Hp mie interface download [Ubuntu Forums]
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5 Responses to HP's custom Ubuntu skin for netbooks now installable by everyone

  1. dculberson says:

    Actually if it’s based on any of the GPL licensed software in Ubuntu then they’re required to make it freely available for redistribution. I don’t know if that’s the case, though.

  2. funnelbc says:

    A fast booting ready to go suite of internet apps is exactly what my netbook needs to make it relevant again when I’m not travelling.

    I’d like to put in my mini note 2133, so making it available to the wider internets would be lovely. Maybe it will make the wait for jolicloud easier (or relagate the need for it).

    Hopefully the make it available for my model as an easier install as I’m not really into (or have the time for) general purpose *nix black magic. I just want to have a play with it!

  3. madzack says:

    you cannot steal a computer program using the internet.

  4. dhuff says:

    a2h’s universe has a guide up for those that don’t want to wade thru 10+ pages of posts on the Ubuntu forums just looking for instructions :)

  5. CGI_Joe says:

    Isn’t this technically theft? I know linux, and the other components distributed with the HP mini are free, but the custom interface was something designed and created by HP.

    I can’t find any documentation on this one way or the other.

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