Russian Star Wars posters

I've seen a few different Star Wars posters in my day, but these Russian ones for A New Hope are especially great. Yours today for just $3k! (Thanks, Homerj!)
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  1. Trent Hawkins says:

    Funny thing, that’s not where I read the fine print. It was too small to read on the top poster, the one I found it on was the poster that looks like Q-Bert.

    I have to say that ‘space western’ is as good an description for star wars as any. That or ‘Space Samurai’.

  2. bbonyx says:

    @ #5 – Thanks, Trent. I guess the fine print is where the cowboy Han motif came from in the first one.

  3. chriscummings01 says:

    Have you seen the skull-cracking Polish poster promoting Return of the Jedi? Or the Italian interpretations of Luke and Leia? Please take a gander at 12 Star Wars Posters You’ve Never Seen Before. (And check out The Star Wars Poster Book.)

  4. kc0bbq says:

    Haha the memories. I got to see Star Wars in a theater in Akadem Gorodok outside Novosibirsk in late March/early April, 1991, during a student exchange. It was awesome, it was the only movie I remember seeing that had dubbing for all the voices, instead of a depressing baritone reading the script. Even quality offerings like Back to the Future part III were the depressing guy. The only movies I remember seeing in the theaters at all were American – like Josh Brolin’s 1986 mega-blockbuster Thrashin’.

    I don’t remember any posters, though. I do remember getting home and a few days later seeing the tanks roll into the Kremlin. Impeccable timing.

  5. Anonymous says:

    these look ancient

  6. LyhjeHylje says:

    If George Lucas continues to rearrange the classic trilogy he should at least include a black robot panther jedi with sideways lightsaber mohawk.

  7. bbonyx says:

    Does anyone read Russian here?
    I’m curious if 3BE3AHbIE BONHbI (sic) actually translates to “Star Wars” or if it’s “Space Cowboys” or something.

  8. Enochrewt says:

    I can’t believe the two worlds of and BBG are colliding, I saw these posters a few weeks ago there. They have others that boggle the mind even more so than the Star Wars one, the Czech Republic poster for Ghostbusters is a brain bender, and worth the click alone. – Lost In Translation: 20 Baffling Foreign Movie Posters

  9. Trent Hawkins says:

    zvezanie voini (sort of how it’s pronounced), does directly translate to Star Wars

  10. Trent Hawkins says:

    Also, under that in small print is says “Galactic Western”.

  11. glitterboyblue says:

    Likely covered here before, but check out for instant want. I purchased the ‘Amator’ poster through them and didn’t have any problems.

  12. Category says:


    …Are Russian movie posters normally this, well, ‘abstract’?

    It’s like a visual non-sequiteur

  13. urshrew says:

    The Soviet Union developed its own style of Abstraction in its visual art, especially after Glasnost. While Russia was largely cut off from the west, and under an authoritarian government, it still managed to develop a unique modern art style, the acme of which seems to be their graphic design.

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