Agwa De Bolivia, coca leaf and herb liqueur

Agwa De Bolivia is a liqueur extracted from the coca leaf, which as you may have heard is the same plant that gives us chocolate, Coca-Cola, Chanel, and cocaine. While the manufacturer is certainly playing that angle up the most, the tincture is filled with a variety of head-buzzing herbs, including ginseng and guarana, both of which are likely culpable for any tweaked out feeling. That its manufacturers call it an "Alco-Jolt" does little to imply that it's the sort of booze you savor, unless your idea of a classy cocktail is a Red Bull and moonshine tipple. According to Liquor Snob, it smells like Hai Karate and tastes like "you eat a big prune pie and wash it down with a can of Moxie, then swish it all away with Listerine." Which is to say they sort of liked it.
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12 Responses to Agwa De Bolivia, coca leaf and herb liqueur

  1. gelstudios says:

    For the curious, the stimulant mixture (coca leaf, gingeng, guarana, etc) does have a noticeable effect.

    I was introduced to to it a few years ago, and remember it was served with a wedge of lime and a spoonful of sugar. Supposedly the lime and sugar were meant to “activate” the agwa, but it was an interesting little ritual nonetheless. Three shots later my face felt numb and slightly tingly. I felt like a sedated 5 year old with ADHD. Everything was hilarious and I remember skipping down the street but not knowing why.

    I attribute this to being overtired and hopped up on the sugar/caffeine combo, but I would recommend anyone give it a taste or three. Agwa is not very widely distributed, but my brother did manage to convince his local liquor store to start carrying it.

  2. DSMVWL THS says:

    the coca leaf, which as you may have heard is the same plant that gives us chocolate, Coca-Cola, and cocaine

    No, I definitely haven’t heard that.

  3. Brother Provisional says:

    Its about time. After Sparksâ„¢ changed their formula, I was starting to get a little worried that I would have to actually start imbibe my stimulants and depressants in separate beverages.

  4. Brother Provisional says:

    Also, point of fact, chocolate comes from the cacao plant, Theobroma cacao. Cocaine and the coca-cola of yesteryear come from the coca plant, Erythroxylum coca. Actually, they still use coca leaves in Coke. According to wikiP, they get the “spent” leftovers of the cocaine-extraction process from a pharmaceutical company.

    It would certainly be nice to have a plant that provided both chocolate and blow, but evidently, god doesn’t love us quite that much.

  5. ender_sb says:

    I came here to say the same thing that Dsmvwl ths and Brother Provisional said. How about a correction, Joel?

  6. george57l says:

    And while we’re being picky … is High Karate like that flying martial arts stuff they do in “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”, or were the Liquor Snob peoply referring to Hai Karate, the (in)famous after shave?

  7. strider_mt2k says:

    Wa-wa-wait slow down here, Charlie…

    Red Bull and Moonshine… OF COURSE!!!

  8. george57l says:

    My bad typing – but I kind of like “peoply”, nonetheless.

  9. Steel Phoenix says:

    I’ve had a bottle of this sitting around for a few years. I just noticed it is near empty, so I must have drank most of it somewhere along the line and not noticed anything special about it. I tasted it and I would say it tastes like a cheap imitation of yellow chartreuse. Save yourself some money and get some chartreuse and a Red Bull. It may not be cheaper, but it will be better all the way around.

  10. beejamin says:

    Don’t expect to get much of a buzz out of the coca content, kids. You can buy a high-concentrate coca elixir (I guess the same stuff, minus the booze, caffeine and water) in Bolivia, and its effect is very mild, to say the least.

  11. Anonymous says:

    What in the world does chocolate has to do with coca leaf????? You are confusing COCA with COCOA. Be careful next time.

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