Video: Hands-in with Elmo Tickle Hands was at Toy Fair yesterday (we actually talked with its editor "Stinkhead" ourselves at the Uncle Milton booth). He spotted something we did not: Elmo Tickle Hands, just the thing for furry self-pleasure. Hell, I'm not even a furry and I'm getting a little worked up. In theory they're for the kids, though, who will presumably be taught some sort of lessons by Elmo's disembodied voice, which speaks from the gloves while they vibrate to tickle.
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7 Responses to Video: Hands-in with Elmo Tickle Hands

  1. rAMPANTiDIOCY says:

    From Tickle-me Elmo to tickle me with elmo

  2. markkrugman says:

    This will end up just like that Harry Potter Broom that vibrated. I bet it won’t even be on the market in a year.

  3. winkingskunk says:

    I’m amazing at how this woman was able to keep a straight face while showcasing these.

  4. Anais80 says:

    These are black, and in the vibrator section…fukuoku tickle gloves.

  5. DEEPEYES says:

    Excuse me, Anais – the Tickle Hands are covered in Elmo fur and they giggle. For erotic purposes, there’s no contest.

  6. Scarybug says:

    @These are black, and in the vibrator section…fukuoku tickle gloves.

    AH! NSFW Warning, Please!

  7. strider_mt2k says:

    I have a bad feeling about this.

    Oh wait. They were turned off…

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