KERN, the iPhone game John Gruber was born to download

KERN, the new typesetting game from Formation, asks that you line up a single letter in a falling word, gaining points the nearer you are to perfection. From the subject matter to the scoring pop-up that exposes the formula used to determine your points tally, this is probably the iPhone app most aimed directly between the eyes of chunky-spectacled design wanksters. (I'm buying immediately.) It's a buck on the App Store. [via Technabob] Gameplay video after the jump. (It's big.)
KERN iphone game demo from Jason Franzen on Vimeo.
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3 Responses to KERN, the iPhone game John Gruber was born to download

  1. omnifrog says:

    It’s clearly for designers, not engineers. The units in the equation don’t work out!

  2. sheshe says:

    i downloaded it and got a bit tired of it after a few minutes, but loved the concept and design of it. i love obsessive things like this!

  3. danilo says:

    Seriously — first thing that came to mind when I saw that app was “ITS FOR GRUBER TO PLAY LOL.”

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