South Park iPhone App a No-Show in Apps Store; Cartman Blames Kyle's Mom.


Remember back in October when I blogged about a new iPhone app from the South Park guys? Not sure what the whole story is on this one, but our friends at South Park tell us the app has long been completed -- so, well, where is it? Via email:

We first announced our iPhone App back in October, after we submitted the Application to Apple for approval. After a couple of attempts to get the application approved, we are sad to say that our app has been rejected. According to Apple, the content was "potentially offensive." But Apple did admit that the standards would evolve, citing that when iTunes first launched it didn't sell any music with explicit lyrics. At this point, we are sad to say, the app is dead in the water. Sorry, South Park fans.
Our source says the app was rejected from the Apps store twice. The content is pretty much what you see on the show.

Eric Cartman had this to say. Above, Matt Stone demonstrating the app while it was still in development last Fall.

Previous BB post with more screengrabs from the missing-in-action app: BB exclusive: sneak peek at South Park's sweet, yet-unreleased iPhone app


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8 Responses to South Park iPhone App a No-Show in Apps Store; Cartman Blames Kyle's Mom.

  1. kshusker says:

    They should release the app so it runs on Jailbroken phones….and provide instructions and encouragement for south park’s fans to jailbreak if they want the app…a few hundred thousand more jailbroken phones should make Apple’s censorious app store approvers (who are fine with fart apps and boobie apps) sweat a bit.

  2. FighterHayabusa says:

    That’s just plain retarded.

    As long as the AppStore is being run like it is I’ll never get an iPhone no matter how tasty it seems in other aspects.

    If they’d added a flashlight function to the app I’m sure it would’ve been approved instantly though.

  3. HDN says:

    Put it out on google’s market for android.

  4. Anonymous says:

    If Apple rejects it, why not distribute it using Cydia and/or Installer? If you have put much effort in this app, don’t just throw it away like it never existed. Take your chance and distribute it using alternative ways.

  5. CraziestGadgetsdotcom says:

    I blame Canada 8)

  6. dculberson says:


    Okay, but seriously, that does suck. I sincerely hope that Apple sees what’s happening and fixes some of their behavior. They’re a good company but have become too insular. Maybe Jobs has a bit of dementia leading to paranoia?

  7. Anonymous says:

    oh boy, south park isn’t suitable for you, uncle steve says.
    iphone isn’t for me, is all i can answer.
    And I don’t need such an uncle anymore….

  8. strider_mt2k says:

    How much in the way of resources does it take to sit around and worry about BS like this?


    I don’t need companies making decisions like this for me, and that’s why I’m not an Apple user.

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