Tweet Week: Follow us on Twitter, win prizes

Hey, sailors! Do you like stuff? We like to give you the stuffs. So here's how we're going to do it: Every time you follow one of the Boing Boing editors' Twitter feed, we get an email. We'll select from those emails at random and award a prize. If you've won, I'll let you know by direct message on Twitter. We'll do this all week or until we're out of prizes. (That's how I getcha! So at the least, you should follow us this week before you leave en masse next Monday.) For each editor you follow you'll gain another entry, so if you're already following some of us you can still get a crack at winning by following another editor. (We started collecting entry emails since yesterday and will put all of those in the hat.) That's it. Easy. We get followers to squawk at about our bunions, you get stuff. I'll be putting up a post a day until we have all the prizes distributed. As befits a Boing Boing contest, we've got a bunch of different stuff: a guitar; a videophone; some random iPod and iPhone cases; lingerie (!); and what I'll be starting with today, three of these custom-printed Flip Mino HD camcorders from CafePress. (One per winner, of course.) More on the prizes as we go along. Here are our accounts. Collect them all!: • @joeljohnson (Boing Boing Gadgets) • @xenijardin (Boing Boing/Video) • @beschizza (Boing Boing Gadgets) • @brandonnn (Boing Boing Offworld) • @doctorow (Boing Boing) • @johnbattelle (Boing Boing) • @frauenfelder (Boing Boing) (We always have questions about if these contests are okay for readers outside the U.S. or not. Because most of these prizes are being shipped direct from the companies, I can't always promise that they'll be able to be shipped to everyone, but I'll do my best to work it out if it comes up. Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions.)
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16 Responses to Tweet Week: Follow us on Twitter, win prizes

  1. jrishel says:

    does Brownlee not want to participate? cause I already follow him. he’s @DrCrypt, and his parakeet is @HumbertHumbird

  2. killdeer says:

    Every username/handle that I use is already taken by people who have 0-1 followers and 0 posts.

  3. killdeer says:

    lol. It tells me to entire my full name and then complains that it’s too long (over 20 characters). Off to a good start…

  4. BCJ says:

    I know what you mean killdeer. They either want your full name or not, obviously in our cases, they did not.

  5. strider_mt2k says:

    I will follow no one to “Twitter”.

    You do perfectly well right here, and this is stuff I’m interested in.

    I scoff.

    (scoff scoff)

    Excuse me, I’ve had a cold.

  6. BCJ says:

    How exactly does this whole twitter thing work anyway? Ignoring contests, how exactly does one attract people to become followers?

  7. pork musket says:

    @11 Just post about stuff. People with similar interests or that like what you post will add you if they search or happen upon a tweet. There are open discussions and you can meet people from random messaging if you want to. Not too hard, just use it and it’ll happen

  8. caipirina says:

    hmmm . the combo win of vid cam and lingerie could be interesting … or very frustrating for the clichée geek, who has no access to females of the species :)

    anywyas … i am still getting into the whole twitter thing … access to and from mobile devices here in Italy still sucks … and twitterific craps out every so often … but maybe now I have a reason to do some more research …

  9. Plorange says:

    Yay twitter! Twitter has feeds. You know what else should have feeds? the news faucet. it’s just like twitter but… i would only need to hit subscribe once!

  10. BCJ says:

    Is this really just a play to force us few Twitter holdouts to cave and sign up?

    Either way, cool contest.

  11. homodachi says:

    Brownlee doesn’t have a twitter? /pandorasbox

  12. Talia says:

    Must be fun to watch your followers number spike. :)

  13. thechicgeek says:

    I already follow three of you!

  14. mightymouse1584 says:

    sounds good. in return im announcing a counter contest. At the end of the week i will select one editor that is following my twitter account at random and send them a prize. woohoo, now you can also get the stuffs

    warning: the prize will be on a college budget (ie: crappy)

  15. maryr says:

    Couldn’t folks also unfollow, then refollow BB editors? Would that generate a new email?

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