Neo Scene AVCHD editing software out for Mac

Mac users of AVCHD camcorders can now losslessly edit their video without transcoding it to a more standard format--Neo Scene, a windows app designed for this purpose, is now out for Mac. [Cineform] (Sorry about this post's original headline, which suggested this was the *only* thing on Mac that could edit AVCHD. Many apologies, readers.)

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3 Responses to Neo Scene AVCHD editing software out for Mac

  1. beneditor says:

    Umm. 100% wrong really. As big a fan as I am of Cineform’s products (it’s an excellent RED intermediate codec) this is transcoding software. It does NOT allow for native AVCHD editing. Given the extremely long-GOP nature of AVCHD that would be very difficult (you couldn’t even achieve frame accurate cuts without processing).

    FCP’s ‘log and transfer’ function allows you to do the same thing – transcode to Pro Res for editing. For $129 you can transcode to Cineform’s own (excellent) codec, and get a cool progressive look from your crappy compressed HD footage if you like. Yay!

    A correction, please Rob?

  2. oshmady says:

    Or, you know, just use iMovie. Or Final Cut Express. Or Final Cut Pro. Lots of AVCHD support listed on this page:

  3. Anonymous says:

    Did you actually look at the page?

    “With Neo Scene you will convert your difficult-to-edit HDV or AVCHD camera footage to CineForm AVI files and then benefit from the same theatrical quality format and real-time editing performance as professionals.”

    i.e. it does transcode, it just does so losslessly.

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