Nintendo DSi coming to America on April 5

Brandon has the details o'er Offworld: Nintendo's DSi, the latest edition of its universe-ruling DS handheld gaming system, will be out in the U.S. on April 5. It'll be $170, and will come in blue and black. Out in Japan late last year, the DSI has cameras facing the user and the world (both just 0.3 megapixels), 3.25" screens (compared to the DS Lite's 3" ones) and an SD card slot.

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12 Responses to Nintendo DSi coming to America on April 5

  1. krylon says:

    Have they hacked the DSI yet? If it doesn’t run a flash cartridge I’m not interested.

  2. hohum says:

    Well I was all prepared to trade in my lite, but I don’t really want to downgrade from white to blue… I guess I’ll go for black, but I’ve been rather sick of matte black electronics for years now… Shame that Japan gets white and we get blue (although to be honest, I don’t really want matte white either… but…. DSiWare!!!)

  3. Anonymous says:

    You and me both! I really hope the white dsi comes out soon im dying for it

  4. Nintendo DSi says:

    We got the white DSi over here in the uk, they’ve come down a lot in price too, just over £100 ish.
    Dsi Prices

  5. Lea Hernandez says:

    Count me as one of the holdouts if I can’t use my own cart in it.
    Not too blown away by a .3 megapixel cam. Huh.

    Dissenting on the blue. I love it.

    Andrew B.: You can get near store price for DSLites on eBay. I’d buy the DSi, then sell the DS on eBay. Don’t trade it in at GameStop, they give shitty trade.

  6. Andrew B. says:

    but.but.but i just bought a DSlite last month :(

  7. Anonymous says:

    Blue is fine. But I like my systems to have a theme. I dont have a blue wii

  8. sheshe says:

    i’m upgrading my lite to one if i can use my r4.. otherwise.. no!
    also, that’s a beautiful blue!

  9. Anonymous says:

    When will the white nintendo dsi come out I want it so bad. I was going to get one but there are multiple release dates I might just get the light blue one

    From: ” I am VICTORIOUS” But I still want the white one!

  10. tigerstuff says:

    if you do a google search it seems that you CAN find r4 and m3 carts that can be used for the dsi. Makes me kinda want to upgrade just a little.

  11. John Lupien says:

    Fooey on the colors. The old joke goes
    “what’s blue, hangs on the wall, and whistles?”
    Give up? “A herring!”
    herrings aren’t blue. “So paint it blue!”
    herrings don’t hang on the wall. “So hang it there!”
    herrings don’t whistle. “Oh, that was just to make
    it harder!”

    The key point is, if you don’t like the way your
    hardware looks, that easiest thing to change.
    Teaching it to whistle is harder.

    Finding any good games I want to play is even
    harder! The DS may rule in terms of form and
    function, but the available games leave me wondering
    “what happened to Zork?”
    OK not really, but nethack would be better than
    most of the games we can get here.

  12. ndsbooks says:

    It is good news in the release dates, earlier than many people expected.

    We reviewed it in detail at ;

    And back then, we thought they would only be available in black or white so we will have to update it.

    Would anyone else have chosen that blue ? What color / colour (UK) would you have picked.

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