Yo Ho Oh! DHL adds GPS to shipping containers

Shipping company DHL has started testing out GPS-trackable cargo containers, making it possible for customers to track the container in which their packages are commuting from anywhere in the world. Location data is just the start—the sensor packages from Savi Networks also monitor temperature, humidity, shock & vibration, as well as exposure to light. Now they just need to add a camera and a remote detonation switch to ward off pirates. The sensors, seen here in pictures exclusively to BBG*, are equipped for a small number of LCL ("Less than Container Load") customers, with shipments moving from Hong Kong to Europe. * We asked for pictures of chupacabra being shipped from their growth vats on a remote island in the Indian Ocean to their training facilities in Mexico, but we've got to work with what we can get.
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5 Responses to Yo Ho Oh! DHL adds GPS to shipping containers

  1. Anonymous says:


    you know that this is for large, claim prone, commercial customers only, so most of you will not be affected by this and will miss out on the immediate advantages. non the less, you can expect every major carrier to jump to this as it will aid in mis-handling of the freight.

  2. monstrinho_do_biscoito says:

    will it work with google earth? now that would be sweet.

  3. muteboy says:

    I was able to (kind of) track my shipped worldly goods from the UK to the US by doing some research: http://petty.me.uk/wordpress/?p=387

    This will make it a lot easier.

  4. Enochrewt says:

    I just wish it wasn’t DHL, I’ve had nothing but problems with their service. Though I do know that they have much better customs processes when shipping to South America and other places.

  5. Agies says:

    Freaking finally. I’ve wanted to see realtime (or semi-realtime) tracking data for packages for a long time.

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