Behold! The new Mac Mini's butt

Either Apple's lairs are floored in $0.79 per sq/ft vinyl laminate from Ikea, or someone figured out how to cut and paste images of ports. Photo of next-gen Apple Mac Mini [Apple Insider] and Leaked phot of the next-generation Mac Mini [Mac Rumors]

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15 Responses to Behold! The new Mac Mini's butt

  1. vetnoir says:

    I seem to recall that a while back Apple said it was dumping Firewire.

  2. j5ive says:

    Yeah, the wood floor thing is dubious indeed. And the glare on the 5 (5? srsly?) USB ports looks suspect when you compare it to the same gradient on the case above…

    Plus, as mentioned elsewhere all the new Mac form factors have been aluminum and black, I would assume this trend will continue. I guess all the peripherals are still white…

    I guess well see but I think its fake too.

  3. TheGibson says:

    5 USB ports on an apple product? It’s a fake.

  4. Clay says:

    Five USB ports?

    This doesn’t fit at all with Apple’s “just get a hub” philosophy that pervades the notebook line.

  5. Torley says:

    I like how this turned out to be real — I was skeptical too, but then the announcement was made, and here I am, with my new Mac mini.

    The followup art still didn’t have as many USB ports as some of Brando’s products. (Not to be confused with Marlon.)

  6. caldrax says:

    #12 The only difference between this and an actual existing mac mini are the ports, so I’m not really seeing how your theory of it not being up to apple’s “design over function is supposed to apply, it’s essentially a slight variation on an existing apple product.

    as for the mini DVI ports, well, on the last minis they included adapters for converting from a digital to analog monitor, and with the NVIDIA cards installed there is probably a desire for dual screen displays, so you could buy a mini dvi converter for one screen and use the presumably included mini-displayport converter for another monitor.

    The floor, to me, is the least dubious thing about this picture, if anything. Someone probably snagged one, took it home, and snapped a photo of it in their apartment

    Mac Minis get used as cash registers all the time in businesses and that means there is a need for a USB hub often even on the 4 port mini, so the extra port doesn’t surprise me at all, Apple has been pushing to be more business-oriented so this seems like a logical progression for the mini.

  7. Alan says:

    They should’ve shopped in a 1/4″ jack input, too. That would’ve gotten all the musicians excited.

  8. Sean Eric FAgan says:

    No, Apple never said they were dumping Firewire — they just did not put FW on the MacBook Air and the latest MacBook.

    Everyone has concluded that Apple is dumping FW, but that’s a different matter 8-).

  9. supagold says:

    What jumps out to me is having both a mini-DVI and a mini-Displayport. Isn’t that just a bit redundant? I mean the VAST majority of people buying a Mini would need to by a $30 converter to use either…

    I call bullshit.

  10. Jimmy says:

    I say you’re giving that flooring a lot of credit there, Rob. I seem to recall it from my living room when I was a kid. In the ’80s. Maybe IKEA is kickin’ an homage to 80’s redneck culture?

    Oh, and nice computer. My Mini will be mighty jealous of that extra USB port.

  11. caldrax says:

    It makes sense to me… the last one has 4 USB ports, and they’ve been moving to firewire 800 only on the new machines, and the video out ports match their current specs. My bet is going to “not photoshopped.”

    If it is, it’s a good job, all the USB ports are different from one another and the lightning is very consistent.

  12. remmelt says:

    You know, everyone has a bazillion megapixel camera these days, but when it comes to snapping a pic of new Apple hardware it’s always done with some crappy phone camera. By someone who lacks basic photography skills. (The floor is in focus, the subject is blurry. Move the camera 20cm back, and it would have been the other way around. Also, more light equals better photo.)

    I appreciate that the basic Chinese factory worker doesn’t have his dslr with him at all times, but this is ridiculous.

  13. Auto Parts for Brains says:

    This misses the Apple philosophy of design over function. First, this is pretty ugly for something the Apple guys have designed. Next, the specs is not really impressive. I like how the thought of using an aluminum case came to be with the latest Macs, though that does not add a lot to the reality of this picture. I guess it remains to be seen whether this is a hoax or not. If it is indeed true, then this is the second hit and miss from big A, after their keyboardless laptop.

  14. Nick Taylor says:

    It’s amazing to me that this image is getting shopped around the interwebs so much. It’s obviously photoshopped, I mean, C’MON.

  15. mypalmike says:

    That’s funny. I was also just at the Apple HQ, and was fortunate to snap this shot of the Mini 2 Plus!

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