Nine inch Eees get their nine inch nails

Asus is calling time on its 9" netbooks, announcing the end for its 901- and 904-series machines. The lineup will move almost entirely to 10" models, with only 5 percent of its output to be ultra-cheap 7" models. I'm fond of the 900 series due to it being slightly smaller than the rest of the field, but still boasting a half-decent keyboard. Dell's nine-incher, however, is a much nicer netbook in almost every sense, but only a few bucks more expensive. Asus to phase out 9 inch netbooks, focus on 10 inch models [via Lilliputing]

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One Response to Nine inch Eees get their nine inch nails

  1. kiltreiser says:

    I found the 9-inch just a tad too small in terms of the keyboard but maybe that’s just the curse of big ol’ bass-playing fingers. The EEE 1000HD is my favourite gadget ever though – tiny, 20GB SSD and Linux (Eeebuntu for me), what more does a man need?

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