Incredible Intelligent Blocks

Though they don't know who they are, every block knows where it is and what to do when arranged with others. Each has an tiny OLED display, a 3-axis accelerometer and touch-sensitivity. And from the rules that govern their interactions rises wonder and madness: solved equations, virtual paint buckets, word scrambles and other illusions.
Siftables are cookie-sized computers with motion sensing, neighbor detection, graphical display, and wireless communication. They act in concert to form a single interface: users physically manipulate them - piling, grouping, sorting - to interact with digital information and media. Siftables provides a new platform on which to implement tangible, visual and mobile applications.
Project Page [Siftables via Monstermunch]

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3 Responses to Incredible Intelligent Blocks

  1. Anonymous says:

    They REALLY need to be made edible, so that we can get square candies that look ’round.

  2. Anonymous says:

    wow this is an interesting evolution of the tiletoy.

    i stll luv u tuomo

  3. risser says:

    Wow. I really really want some of those.

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