Photo: Adult Fantasy Album

adult fantasy album.jpg
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10 Responses to Photo: Adult Fantasy Album

  1. wolfwitch says:

    Is “Booby McSpacegirl” (thanks Pork Musket) the check from Lexx?

  2. wolfwitch says:

    Oops- CHICK from Lexx.

  3. Halloween Jack says:

    Isn’t the old dude Thorne himself?

  4. airship says:

    Breasts. The ultimate sci-fi weapon!

  5. pork musket says:

    On first look I thought Beardy Laser Man’s gun strap was a leash attached to Booby McSpacegirl’s collar. Sadly this is not the case.

  6. David King says:

    This is still in print from Fantagraphics, but they made a mistake in forgoing the photo cover!

  7. bat21 says:


    You can still buy this with the original cover.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I believe that is Frank Thorne himself in the background. In the Foreground are a couple of his favorite subjects.

    I think he is great, up there with Alex Toth even.

  9. Downpressor says:

    I vaguely recall reading this when if first came out in Heavy Metal. There was a good interview with Frank Thorne in The Comics Journal #280.

  10. Pensketch says:

    I have that book. Somewhere.

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