At-At Walker Boombox

Dear God, yes. Source [zen77990] (Thanks, Phil T.!)

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16 Responses to At-At Walker Boombox

  1. Category says:

    Wow. Just wow.

  2. matt_w says:

    where and how much?

  3. Anonymous says:

    oh how i love 4 year old discoveries!

  4. brie987 says:

    Please! I will feed him and wash him and name him George. Loneliness wont feel so alone.

  5. Itsumishi says:

    I don’t want this thing ref’ing I want it break-dancing its crazy little ass off.

  6. yuridebura says:

    Break out the list Santa, because I think I know what I want next Christmas. For any geek who still rocks the cassette player from time to time, check out this brand new At-At Walker boom box — complete with so much awesomeness your friends will have no choice but to bow down and name you King (or Queen) Geek. Heck domain names, everyone knows it’s easier to join The Dark Side when they’re bustin’ moves to a little Young MC, Whitesnake or Metallica. Of course, purchasing something like this would require you to still have some cassette tapes lying around (a CD player would totally help since I threw out most of my tapes, like, 12 years ago), but it’s hella cool nonetheless.

    Check out a few more images in the gallery below. No word on when this will be available or for how much, so if you know more about it dedicated hosting, let us know in the comments section.

  7. cinemajay says:

    Sub Woofer Canons FTW!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Yes, where and how much, I need these, they are amazing!

  9. muteboy says:

    Does it follow you down the block instead of needing to be carried on your shoulder? Does it referee at dance-offs?

  10. sruli says:

    1) It’s a custom job.

    2) I do not think that it is functional.

    But, it is a great idea… if anybody wants to knock heads on how to make one, I’m game.

  11. petezombie says:

    Not to sound crude or anything but I think I just made a mess in my pants when I saw that.

  12. k9dev says:

    From this angle the cassette deck looks like a screen.. this isn’t the first mod – check out this stroller, and I suspect this isn’t the last we’ll see of them. Simply awesome.

  13. mrsomuch says:

    I made a bad mess :-(

  14. Rob Beschizza says:

    No, but it does crush Ewoks.

  15. HeatherB says:

    Dear god, that is fucking great

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