Cablevision: no box, no service

Cablevision is now insisting that you rent a cable box from them, even if you're getting the same old basic analog service we've been plugging directly into the back of the set since forever. [Consumerist]

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6 Responses to Cablevision: no box, no service

  1. geekd says:

    your link is broken.

  2. mnemonic says:

    @ZUZU a Clear QAM Tuner will only tune and display digital cable channels that are unencrypted, or in the clear. The parent could either buy his own set top box or get a cablecard, if their TV supports it.

    A great number of cable companies are going all digital. It just depends on where you live.

  3. AirPillo says:

    The link is broken, and the post is broken too. It lacks the usual widgets attached to every post.

  4. zuzu says:

    It’s simple: You don’t need to rent a box. If Cablevision has migrated to all-digital, you need a Clear QAM tuner — nearly all HDTVs have these built-in. That’s all.

  5. jesseg says:

    I had Time Warner Cable in Brooklyn and tried hooking up the cable up straight to my TV without a box. I got like three channels, and they were on different numbers than normal. I called about it and was told the same thing this guy was told.

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