Amazing Cargo Cult Mac Pro Mini

This fantastic Hackintosh has 2GB of RAM, Intel Core 2 Duo CPU and WiFi. Created by modder Widefault, it cost very little to build and occupies a similar footprint to the Mac Mini.
I bought an Aaeon Gene 9310 on Ebay for a ridiculous price. ... I'm running the ATA drive because 1.) I had it, and 2.) the board has a 44 pin IDE header on board. This means I could power the drive right from the board, no extra cables. It does have two SATA connectors, BUT the board has no power output on board. I'd have to find a power source on the board to tap and make a cable to go to the drive. Right now I have one 44 pin cable from board to drive that carries data and power. Less cable clutter than running seperate SATA data and power cables. Honestly, the only way I'd consider going to an SATA drive is if I found a deal on an SSD. Only has a VGA output. There is an adapter board to add DVI, but it would also add $125 to my cost. Not worth it to me. No optical drive. Some sacrifices need to be made to keep the size down, and that was the one this time. I have a couple USB CD/DVDs so it's not much concern. I load most software off the network, anyway.
Have to ask... how many USB ports? Completed Project: Hackintosh, Jr. Widefault [via Technabob]

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9 Responses to Amazing Cargo Cult Mac Pro Mini

  1. folkson says:

    Yes, TIMOTHY HUTTON, it is called a Mac Pro Mini because it looks like a Mac Pro.

    But then, we wouldn’t expect much capacity for thought from someone who doesn’t know how to responsibly use bold tags.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow, double-post fail.

  3. Trilby says:

    All this use of bold tags reminds me of that post a while back on the rules of comic book text.

  4. Cpt. Tim says:

    it should be made of bamboo and coconut if its cargo cult.

  5. Timothy Hutton says:

    In my defense, I’ve probably spent way too much time reading John C. Dvorak columns in the (recently suspended) print format PC Magazine. (Online, his font treatments are much less severe)

  6. Timothy Hutton says:

    Yeah, I’m with CUVTIXO – why is this considered a Mac Pro Mini? Is it simply because the chassis looks like a Mac Pro? The performance is middling (at best), and with an IDE laptop drive and a max 2 Gig of RAM, this is really more Mini than Pro

    I don’t mean my criticism to be taken too serious, it is a nice Hackintosh, but it isn’t that noteworthy – if it were, say, a quad core system (possibly Xeon), SATA HDs and a high-end graphics card, then you have a Mini Pro, without those elements, it is a pimped-out Mac Mini.

  7. jphilby says:

    Wow, how could I possibly get through my day without comments about how poorly someone formatted their message?

    I can hardly wait for AI that will auto-strip non-sequitur self-jacking.

  8. cuvtixo says:

    The only really interesting part of this is the case, and nothing is mentioned about it! It’s implied that it has OSX loaded, but why? Is it an iTunes media server? If that’s the idea, its more like an AppleTV than a Mac Pro, ain’t it? And it doesn’t have an Apple or Apple-like logo! Shoulda put some spikes or cleats on it and installed OpenBSD, or at least claimed it was installed. How sad, it coulda been a contenda. :(

  9. folkson says:

    Wow, how could I possibly get through my day without comments about how poorly someone targeted their message?

    I can hardly wait for AI that will auto-strip non-sequitur self-jacking.

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