Hearst to launch own ebook reader

Hearst, owner of dying medium, is to release an ebook reader in the same vein as the Kindle and Sony Reader. [Forbes]

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8 Responses to Hearst to launch own ebook reader

  1. TheMadCreator says:

    nice one, @3

  2. SimeonW says:

    If it is named Rosebud and comes in yellow, I might buy it. However, the big question I asked myself is why would a newspaper company do such a thing? Then I remembered a post that I read on one of the Boing Boings about a story in the Silicon VAlley Insider, stating that printing the NYT costs about twice as much as just giving every subscriber a Kindle. What if the Hearst corporation read that too? Maybe they are smart?

  3. TheMadCreator says:

    will it be called Rosebud?

  4. Daemon says:

    I have a better idea… rather than make one like the kindle or the reader, make one that’s affordable and can handle plain PDFs.

  5. dainel says:

    Subscribe to the NYT for a year. Get a Kindle free.

  6. nehpetsE says:

    the monitor will show text in yellow.

    as in

  7. Dean says:

    @1 No, Xanadu.

  8. badosa says:

    In fact, this is old news. @3 Xanadu would indeed be a good name (with Ted Nelson’s permission, of course) but it’s too long: what about simply the K-book?

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