The anti-Apple ad that RIM dared not run?

This is supposedly an ad that RIM chose not to run when it launched its iClone. It's just not good enough to convince me it's for real, but then again, neither was the BlackBerry Storm. Ad [Guava via Rimarkable via Gizmodo]

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13 Responses to The anti-Apple ad that RIM dared not run?

  1. mappo says:

    @#1: Yeah, totally a Pink Floyd lift. I was expecting to hear the loons next.

  2. grimc says:

    Not real. End to end, it’s 18 seconds. You can air a :15, or you can air a :30, but nobody sells :18 slots.

  3. rAMPANTiDIOCY says:

    Is it just me or are those bleeps at the end from Pink Floyd’s Echoes?

  4. mr_quetzalcoatl says:

    @#1: That was my first thought, I’m glad other people noticed the pings. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some Floyd to listen to.

  5. Agies says:

    It’s a touch screen device… that nothing can touch. Sounds like typical ad work to me.

  6. BingoTheChimp says:

    Wrong kind of apple, too…er, Apple II

  7. gobo says:

    If they had run it, it would’ve gone down in ad history as a sad, pitiful shot over Apple’s bow.

  8. historyman68 says:

    Aren’t they just sonar pings?

    I think this ad is pretty audacious – if the blackberry is worth it I think it makes the point well.

  9. The Lizardman says:

    @5 No buckshot if you are using slugs

  10. Anonymous says:

    Yep… Those dings are definitely ripped from Floyd’s “Echoes.”

  11. caldrax says:

    Isn’t that the sound of a shotgun being cocked? Wouldn’t there be a spray of buckshot along with that?

    Touch screen, nothing can touch… good point.

    Yeah this ad would have been a complete disaster, good thing nobody ever saw i— oh

  12. katsujinken says:

    Hell ya, screw Apple! Remember that commercial from the 80s where they portrayed IBM as some Orwellian nightmare because…

    “We [IBM] have created for the first time in all history a garden of pure ideology, where each worker may bloom, secure from the pests of any contradictory true thoughts.”

    “We [IBM] are one people, with one will, one resolve, one cause.”

    Well despite how many commercials Apple makes havingJohn Hodgman look lame in oder to make themselves look cool. Those quotes sound alot more like Apple these days. With their whole ideas of their lifestyle, streamlined consumer line products and uniform aesthetic.

  13. Ryan Waddell says:

    This looks like one of those ads that an ad agency would mock up, as a pitch or just for fun.

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