Apple salad

Retro Apple Logo fruit salad [Flickrich's photos via NextNature]

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4 Responses to Apple salad

  1. Gary61 says:

    Best part is, the fruit will never rot!

    (Can you say: “Macs are ‘stable’???)


  2. Latente says:

    d’oh! no blackberries

  3. Yreka says:

    No apples. Sad face. D:

  4. bbonyx says:

    I’m not an apple guy, but I miss the old logo.
    Mostly because it reminds me of Jr High and the II that sat in the corner of the comp lab. I was actually all about the TRS-80 at the time, but I miss that group of friends and our hours burned on planning/attempting Infocom clones.

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