RIAA "history by Tuesday of next week."

The Recording Industry Artists of America is laying off dozens of staffers in what one source describes as a "bloodbath." [27Bstroke6]

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7 Responses to RIAA "history by Tuesday of next week."

  1. Skep says:

    This is bad. They won’t stop litigating, instead they’ll be nothing but a lawsuit factory, like SCO.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Since they are going to get everything they want now that BFF Joe Biden is in office, why should they continue to pay for lobbyists and thugs?

    Sorry to rain on the parade, but it appears that the RIAA no longer needs to fight… they’ve already won, and you lost. Hello broadcast flag, goodbye analog hole.

  3. dculberson says:

    I do feel bad for those laid off, as they aren’t responsible for directing policy. But it’s hard to conjure up too much sympathy for the RIAA as a whole.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’ll just say what everyone in, oh, I don’t know, the ENTIRE CIVILIZED WORLD wants to right now-

    GOOD. F*@K THEM. I’ll dance in their ashes.

    I feel bad as well for the lower level people, who weren’t policy directors, but still, f*%k the RIAA.

    If this is what the recession (can we just call it a depression already?) will bring more of, hell, I’ll take another year of my own abject poverty, if more “companies” like this burn down to the ground.
    Thank the gods something good finally came out of all this. I wonder if hell is freezing over now…

    Guess the RIAA lawyers better learn to ice skate.

  5. brianary says:

    Nah, they knew what they were part of. I only feel bad for any moles that were fired. As for the rest: yay karma!

  6. dainel says:

    They’re evil. When you work for evil … well, it’s better not to.

  7. Steven E. McDonald says:

    Um…Recording Industry *Association* of America I believe.

    What’s depressing is that they went from being essentially a recording technology group to being this litigious bunch for whom money was the only point, even if that meant stifling new technology as fast as possible.

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