Video: Jean Michel Jarre synths China's face clean off (1981)

French synthpop pioneer Jean Michel Jarre gave the first Western pop concert in post-Mao China, shown here in this video from 1981. [via EHX] This is the sound and spirit of BBG.
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8 Responses to Video: Jean Michel Jarre synths China's face clean off (1981)

  1. Elvis Pelt says:

    A blast from the past. I remember whining: China! What about San Francisco!

  2. BCJ says:


  3. BCJ says:

    Ok, so by 4 minutes in, haunting is not really apt. That will teach me to post too quickly

  4. Nelson.C says:

    JMJ’s Concerts in China is probably my most favourite album ever. I have it on vinyl, cassette tape, CD and now on my iPod. I love it.

  5. Phelyan says:

    Saw him live in Berlin a long time ago and then was fortunate enough to be in China when he played there again at the Forbidden City, which was broadcast live on TV. I used to have all his albums up to Chronologie, and think especially his older stuff simply rocks.

    He has since gone from playing his concerts free of charge (because music should be free) and the famous “Piratez Moi!” of Music for Supermarkets to a supporter of the “string up the filesharers” movement. [citation needed]

  6. DSMVWL THS says:

    Ah, but 4 minutes in is right where it starts to sound like Depeche Mode.

    P.S. Love the dude with the leisure suit, beard, aviators, and keytar. He could be time-warped into Brooklyn tonight and he’d fit right in.

  7. dragonfrog says:

    Thank you for that post – I have this concert on vinyl, but I’d never seen any of the footage.

    Jarre sure has a sort of Willy Wonka creepy-wonderful thing going, doesn’t he – maybe not so creepy as the Johny Depp Wonka, but still and all…

  8. crystally says:

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