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Recently on Offworld, by a small act of fate, we managed to get that first look at PopCap's upcoming tower defense/strategy game Plants vs. Zombies (above) which -- as it's repeatedly been pointed out -- features a grand total of zero actual flora and instead is rife with fungi, though presumably that's down to the developer being unable to land the rights to call it Lawn of the Dead. Either way, it looks wicked. We also got another exclusive listen to Daniel Pemberton's soundtrack for LittleBigPlanet as the original score goes up for its BAFTA award, watched the latest preview of Infinite Ammo's ever more brilliant looking iPhone puzzler Heroes & Villains, and saw the Contra 4 DS devs taking on another cult hit property, this time David 'Pitfall' Crane's underdog NES platformer A Boy and His Blob for the Wii. Finally, we saw an early, fully playable build of Russian developer GSC's excellent post-apocalyptic shooter Stalker officially released for free, saw two iPhone games getting the first stirrings of further social/multiplayer functionality, voted for the Independent Games Festival's audience award, and listened to an EP length soundtrack for Flashbang's just released deep sea tentacle-whipper Blush.

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