ScanStation 500: overkill for compulsive industrial-class scanner addicts

Kodak's ScanStation 500 sends what it captures via email, fax or over the network. From the blurb:
The Scan Station 500, equipped with Kodak’s exclusive Voice Attachment feature, allows users to send audio messages with personalized comments or instructions along with scanned images to ensure clear communications. An eight inch LCD color touch screen provides programmable shortcuts and an intuitive graphical user interface further enhancing the Scan Station 500’s focus on ease of use.
It has a 75-sheet feeder, scans an a4 or letter-size document at 200dpi in just 2 seconds, and has built-in OCR hinting. And it costs $2,500.

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10 Responses to ScanStation 500: overkill for compulsive industrial-class scanner addicts

  1. Anonymous says:

    Its hard for people who have crappy scanners to see the plusses in this. Its a walk up device based on Kodak’s i1200 scanner. Its not for chewing thru a large pile, its for everyday workflow to fax, email, store and archive business documents. The free searchable PDF feature is worth the price. Heck, you can scan and store a bunch of stuff on a hard drive and search it by key word for nothing.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Barely any human intervention my left foot.

    My experience managing ten A3-sized duplex scanners and their simian operators as they chewed through 2.5M pages of technical documentation is that doublefeeds, jams, skew, desync stretching, dirty lenses, reinforcement rings and staples will ruin a hundred pages before you’ve had time to click cancel, and as soon as you turn your back it’ll push a page into the *middle* of the out-pile and then pile another hundred pages on top and you’ll be spending the next hour un-shuffling vital documents while the lead engineer turns purple and your team eat bananas and watch youtube.


  3. teflon says:

    My employer uses these for the sales team – everyone has to scan in their receipts and other paper remains for reimbursement. Rather than buying 50 scanners and dedicated scanning workstations for the department, they got one of these and threw it next to the laser printer. Folks just walk up with a stack of (taped) receipts and scan them right into our expense reimbursement system. Kinda nice, except I’ve noticed a tendency for the document feeder to jam on pages with scotch-tape on them (i.e. our receipt reports…ha!).

  4. Rob Beschizza says:

    Yeah: with the optional sheet loader, this thing will basically tear through massive archives and put it all into file storage with barely any human intervention.

    $2,500 an a summer intern is much, much cheaper than getting a document company to do it for you. Assuming you only have to deal with Letter-size paper, of course.

  5. zuzu says:

    Nothing really beats a Fujitsu ScanSnap, but I wish they were networkable.

    (Instead I have to plug the USB into an Asus WL-500g Premium router running DD-WRT Linux with SANEd installed.)

  6. Rob Beschizza says:

    That sounds like a sexy scanning rig, zuzu. Care to email in some details?

  7. Brother Provisional says:

    I’m sure that this thing scans pretty well, but sheet loaded scanners are a dime a dozen. Common sheet feeder copy machines made by Xerox and Canon usually feature the capacity for scanning. I bet the quality on the ScanStation is much better, but I don’t find the 2sec/sheet speed to be all that awe inspiring. Cool and fast, but not mind-blowingly so.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Folks, this is not just another scanner. Real sheet feed scanners are not a dime a dozen, this scanner uses Kodak technology that is the best in the industry. It has fewer mis-feeds, it automatically crops, and deskews, and with the Kodak Perfect Page technology will automatically correct black and white documents, usually making the scanned version more readable than the original. This is also a duplex scanner that can simultaneously scan both sides of a page while automatically discarding the blank back sides using a content based detection algorithm. And yes, this does beat a fujitsu scan snap (which definitely falls into the dime a doze category)

  9. dculberson says:

    I miss my old HP Mopier 320; it would scan both sides of the pages in one pass. My current scanner/copier setup (Imagistics DF200) is much higher quality and supports PDF scanning natively rather than through a client app, but the hardware is nowhere near as fast.

  10. technogeek says:

    If you’ve got the business need to capture large amounts of paper, sounds like it’s worth the money.

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