Kindle for iPhone

Amazon will sell books to smartphone users, starting with Kindle for iPhone.
Amazon's software application, which can be downloaded free of charge, allows iPhone and iPod Touch users to read books or periodicals purchased on the Web or through their dedicated Kindle device, usually for $9.99. Using a service that Amazon calls whispersync, the program keeps track of a readers' latest page in any given book across both a Kindle and iPhone.
Amazon Extends Book Sales Beyond Its Kindle to iPhone [WSJ]

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13 Responses to Kindle for iPhone

  1. martyh1 says:

    re: My iPhone can’t register (kindle iphone app). “No Internet Connection-Please check WiFI…”

    I have the same problem on my ipod touch and would love an answer. I’m hoping its a problem only at my work’s wifi and not at home or other free wifi hotspots.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Re: can’t register- My problem turned out to be an ampersand in the name of the account. Special characters are mentioned in the FAQ as a problem in passwords, but ours was not in the email or the password, but in their records of our account name. Works now!

  3. theawesomerobot says:

    A traditional LCD defeats the purpose of an eReader, but I’ll welcome the software anyway. All of our eyes are fucked anyway.

  4. sheshe says:

    i surprisingly didn’t hate reading a book on my iphone! i downloaded a few chapters and i think i’ll mostly use it to check out books to decide if i want to buy the book or not!

  5. hohum says:

    It’d be nice if they’d release desktop apps as well… Do most of my reading at night on the Kindle, but have it synched up on my Mac if I get bored during the day…

  6. remmelt says:

    Except not for people in the Netherlands (Europe?) because “the item you requested is not currently available in the Dutch Store.”

  7. Anonymous says:

    I had an ampersand in the name of my ipod. The following steps got it working finally:

    1) Rename the ipod to something without an ampersand
    2) Delete the ipod from amazon’s kindle registry if it’s already there
    3) Login to the kindle app on your ipod. Fails.
    4) Notice that the old name with ampersand appears in the kindle registry
    5) Rename your ipod in the kindle registry to match your new name given in step 1.
    6) Login to the kindle app on your ipod. Success!

    Hope that helps other people out there. Thanks to the earlier commenters for their help.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Yay, convergence! Or not.
    My iPhone can’t register. “No Internet Connection-Please check WiFI…” Everything else that uses Internet on the phone works.
    Except that Amazon sees my phone and asks me if I want to send one of my Kindle books to it. AT&T problem?
    I am very sad. I wanted this to be the last mile in having my legally purchased items accessible to me in multiple places.

  9. Rick Fletcher says:

    …read books or periodicals…

    WSJ needs some fact-checking. Periodicals won’t work. If you try to buy a magazine in the kindle store and only have an iPhone registered you get this message from Amazon:

    ..we currently only show an iPhone or iPod touch registered to your Amazon account. Periodicals such as newspapers, magazines, and blogs are not available on Kindle for iPhone at this time.

    That’s a shame, too. The iPhone would work better for short-form work. I supposed the “at this time” part gives hope.

  10. Jimmy says:

    I expect the software will be available in the same markets as the Kindle itself. In other words: the US.

  11. PaulR says:

    remmelt @1, get an iLiad instead.

    iRex Technologies [the maker of the iLIad] BV is a spin-off company from Royal Philips Electronics, located on the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.”

    Yes, it’s pricier, but its economic model isn’t based on funneling you back to its own store to spend even more money. It’s software and OS is more open and amenable to free content and user-contributed software. You’ll recoup the cost quickly enough if you read a lot.

  12. north says:

    Whoa whoa whoa, wait a second.
    Didn’t Apple reject somebody’s book/app because it had naughty words in it?
    I assume Amazon will now be immune from Apple’s scrutiny in this regard?
    I foresee lawsuits…

  13. supermurph says:

    Thanks so much for the tip about the ampersand “&” in the account causing the Kindle for iPhone to give a message “No Internet Connection ….”

    I’ve been struggling since last night with this problem. I even called Amazon to no avail. After reading the post here, I went on Amazon and changed the account name. I had my first name and my wife’s first name with “&” between them as the first name on the account. I was able to login from my iPhone within seconds of making the change on the Amazon web site.


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