Offworld invaded by The Superf*ckers

Recently on Offworld, teenage superhero team The Superf*ckers dropped in to review Guerilla's just released PS3 shooter Killzone 2. The 'f*ckers are easily my favorite comic James Kochalka's ever done (just above this official Hulk comic), so I'm super happy to see them come aboard alongside his Monster Mii series. Elsewhere, One More Go columnist Margaret Robertson turned briefly away from videogames to investigate Werewolf, or why playing games can give you hairy palms, and we looked at Computermusic4kids, a brilliant looking museum exhibit from Marieke Verbiesen that works as as both a history lesson and a baby's-first-chiptune-maker. We also saw an original game coming from the team that ported Quake 3 to the iPhone, watched the nominees for's demoscene awards, confirmed that PopCap's Plants Vs. Zombies will feature actual plants, and started drawing entries for their Peggle art contest. Finally, we listened to Anamanaguchi's new 8-bit punk EP, drooled over the best Fallout 3 shirts ever made, wished more games came with a 'hug' button, geared up for The Beatles: Rock Band, geared up to torture ragdolls in a new iPhone game, and, wonderfully, saw that recently featured indie fave Jumpman will also be coming to Apple's device.

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