RIM sets $2.99 minimum paid-app price. There will be no fun trash at App World

Paid apps at the BlackBerry App World will have a minimum price of three bucks.
It costs money to submit to the store, too, which could impact the kind of freebie that appears. That RIM thinks it's in a position to pre-emptively curate the sort of Apps that are practical to develop for its store suggests that it hasn't really ever accepted that Apple is a serious competitor. Its heart isn't in it. Given how arbitrary Apple is about what gets in and what doesn't, it's depressing that no-one's been able to whip up an ecosystem that's even half as attractive. This presents an opportunity for carriers, but those guys are even dumber: they already have app stores, and they're so awful that you don't even know your phone can access them. Sprint has a weather application you can rent by the month on your Java-equipped phone. It tells you what the weather is. $2.99 [Crackberry]

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3 Responses to RIM sets $2.99 minimum paid-app price. There will be no fun trash at App World

  1. Anonymous says:

    I can’t help wonder why a canadian company sets their prices in USD.

  2. theawesomerobot says:

    Yeah, browsing through the App Store is like searching through the rubble of an exploded Walmart for a specific variety of dental floss.

    I really wish there were some quality control… but is that possible while still remaining somewhat open? Probably not. I’d rather have it remain open… plus, who am I to complain, I can browse the internet on my phone! It’s the future.

  3. cha0tic says:

    Symbian60 FTW

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