The Great Pyramid of the forgotten Disco Dynasty

I've always wanted a Pyramid PC. Now, there are two ways to go about this. One could be Jon Ive-y and make something subtle and sleek, a little brushed metal thing on your desk that gently glows at the peak when sleeping. Or you could roar "Pyramid Power!" and make something like polo360x's amazing and enormous machine, which makes Las Vegas's Luxor hotel look like a Lamplighter. [Tech Power Up] (Thanks, The Dulcet Tones of Terry Wogan!)

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5 Responses to The Great Pyramid of the forgotten Disco Dynasty

  1. strider_mt2k says:

    It’s just a scheme…

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s big and gorgeous and ugly… on the other hand, Rob, if you’re going to abdicate real posts for junk tech-feeds, why participate in a blog? A lot of ppl (me included) think the best part of BB are the comment threads — maybe there’s a way to add comments to this twitterific junk?

  3. cowtown says:

    Jim: No, um. How is this not a pyramid scheme?

    Michael: Alright, let me explain. Again. [draws on board] Phil has recruited me and another guy. Now, we are getting three people each. The more people that get involved, the more who are investing, the more money we’re all going to make. It’s not a pyramid scheme, it is a… it’s not even a scheme per se, it’s… [Jim draws a triangle around Michael’s diagram] … I have to go make a call.

  4. Rob Beschizza says:

    #2, anon

    Let me assume you’re not actually talking about this post, but are commenting here because you don’t think you can comment on the posts in question.

    Well, those *are* normal posts, with comment threads! We’re just stripping the front-door metadata for certain things that are just links to other people’s work.

    The design will be improved, however, to make it clear that you can still talk about it right here in the BB community.

  5. Rob Beschizza says:

    P.S. to get to the post’s permalink page with comments, just click on the headlines for now

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