60 second video: The last unsold product on the last day of Circuit City's liquidation

"LAST 1 DAYS." At the last day of liquidation sales at the CC in Robinson, PA, shoppers lingered plaintively until they realized that the place was completely empty. There was only a single item left that was not a store fixture, or inside a bin of random junk. See if you can guess what it might be. As the day drew to a close, a fake hollow display camera supplied an endless cycle of excitement and disappointment.

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10 Responses to 60 second video: The last unsold product on the last day of Circuit City's liquidation

  1. tresser says:

    @#6 – i had my money on the same.

  2. Rob Beschizza says:


  3. thecolor says:

    well, that doesn’t seem like a great add for that game. ;)

  4. Agies says:

    That’s amazing. The store was full of crap when I went there a couple of weeks ago. They didn’t have what I wanted so I walked out empty-handed.

    I think the best deals are to be found when a single store is going out of buisness and they don’t want to pay to haul inventory to other stores.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Too bad it wasn’t The Battle for Circuit City

  6. Rob Beschizza says:

    Agies, I noticed that PSP availability was the tipping point: when they got to $100-ish, they all vanished suddenly, faster than (I suspect) customers would likely buy.

    Conclusion: staffers just bought and took home anything decent left as soon as it became ebay-profitable.

  7. kirkjerk says:

    The thing about that last game is it’s for the “FLY pen” system, a kind of obscure computer-in-a-pen toy, so it surely says more about the system than the game itself.

  8. wanderer says:

    Not sure if this is true or not. There was quite a bit of stuff that was still left at my local CC. There was a D300 kit the was missing all the kit, so only the body was left, and they wanted $1508 it, and it was the floor model. (The body by itself is $1499 at Amazon…) They were selling the kit at at 60% off, only 70 percent of the kit was missing.

    Dunno if things got better as they got more desperate to sell stuff, but they weren’t desperate to get rid of what was on the floor when I was there.

  9. haineux says:

    Darn. I lost a coke betting it was a Zune.

  10. ___kid___chival0us says:

    there is still a lot of metal in that store

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