CGSociety's Steampunk art contest winners, incl. "Steamnocchio"

There are tremendous toots of talent at CGSociety's "Steampunk: Myths & Legends" contest winners' page, with the finest of both moving and still images selected, but Fabricio Moraes's rendered image "Steamnocchio" is easily my favorite. Rarely does an image provoke such noises in my head. Not to be missed: "Alice's Adventures in Steamland", "Legend of Yamato", and "Don Quixote: Suppressor of Engines". (Thanks, Ryan!)
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8 Responses to CGSociety's Steampunk art contest winners, incl. "Steamnocchio"

  1. ZoopyFunk says:

    Not a steampunk fan myself, but this image is incredible.

  2. SamSam says:

    Very nice image, definitely the best of the bunch.

    The videos are pretty cool too. I don’t like the way they’re displayed, though. First a teaser, then the making-of, then the actual 1-minute film? Seems like a lot of build-up for a short film, and the making-of gives everything away.

    Pretty cool, though.

  3. TheMadCreator says:

    Awesome! Where can I find high resolution versions and/or purchase big prints?

  4. David says:

    That is easily the best steam punk anything I have ever seen. BioShock be damned.

  5. Kat Johnston says:

    This is a brilliant work – I love it! I feel as if I should put something more substantial than that here but… eh. Its a great piece of work.

  6. trippcook says:

    I can’t believe they excluded me, one of the pre-eminent Steampunk artists out there, from this showcase. Unacceptable.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Trippcook, your vision floors me. Have you written any fan-fics about these characters? If not, that piece of yours got plenty of ideas percolating (HA!) in my head. Maybe Tock the crocodile could be half bulldozer? PM me and we could collaborate on something. You’ve certainly got my “GEARS” turning!

    Yours in primitive internal combustion,


  8. jonathanpeterson says:

    I’d quibble and say the eyes should be a dimmer, kerosene lamp yellow, but quite awesome and evocative.

    I’m not much of a steampunk fan myself, but I’d could totally see an updated Pinocchio movie. Boys brains removed and hooked to steam-powered machinery instead of donkeys, captured by a nautilus automaton instead of a whale…

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