Microsoft selling multiple editions of Windows 7 for netbooks, too

Not only will there be too many versions of Windows 7, Bloomberg is now reporting that there will be "several editions of Windows 7 for netbooks". I...but why? (Thanks, Jimmy!)
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6 Responses to Microsoft selling multiple editions of Windows 7 for netbooks, too

  1. canes816 says:

    Between news like this and the whole vista debacle (I’m trying to find a Wireless USB stick that actually works with Vista at the moment) I don’t see myself even wasting the effort to pirate Windows 7. It really is nice but Microsoft needs to be punished for their insanity, even if it is one user at a time. My next machine will be from Cupertino (reluctantly)

  2. Garr says:

    What exactly is “wireless USB”. Reminds me of my sister asking me where the WLAN cable was…

    Anyhow, on a related topic: Modular Windows plan ‘welcomed’ via BBC

  3. w000t says:

    It’s good to see that Microsoft is doing its part to promote Linux.

  4. jonathanpeterson says:


    Because Redmond no longer knows what people want.

    The longer answer:

    More and more people want an operating system that boots quickly, is rock stable, allows them to customize the bejeeesus out of their look and feel and stays out of their damn way so they can user their web applications and use media applications that let customers do what they want to with the media they own.

  5. Anonymous says:

    i believe that they worded it wrong. it should be that several version will support netbooks. ie. starter, home, premium… (whatever they have… i’m not sure what they call the different version of windows 7)

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