Fan Edit: Airwolf versus FireFox

One has Dirty Harry, one has Fatso Judson. Hard to pick a winner, but this fan edit of Airwolf versus FireFox tries. No spoilers, but the MIG-31 ends up having memory leaks. (Thanks, Weisburger!)
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9 Responses to Fan Edit: Airwolf versus FireFox

  1. mappo says:

    Airwolf never would have had a chance if Clint remembered to think in Russian.

  2. Trent Hawkins says:

    Eastwood should have installed Ad-Block.

  3. bbonyx says:

    All cheesiness aside, I miss the Cannell/Belisarius days of gadget television. Airwolf, Knight Rider, A-Team, etc. I’d rather have TV filled with shows that were fleshed-out versions of schoolyard conversations carried on by 12-year-old boys over a landscape of action figures than the stream of reality and pseudo-reality shows of today which seem to only display (and bring out) the absolute worst in human nature.

    I remember each school week after a new episode of Battlestar, Knight Rider or Hardcastle & McCormick had all of us abuzz about the cool things we’d seen and dreaming of what it would be like to have those toys. Or better yet, inspired to dream up new ones of our own.

    Sad to think that the youth of today must be left dreaming of nothing but growing up to be as shallow, bitchy and vain as possible.

  4. eclectro says:

    I always found it somewhat humorous that the computer Dominic used to run Airwolf seemed to be Commodore 64.

    #4 @bbonyx

    All cheesiness aside, I miss the Cannell/Belisarius days of gadget television. Airwolf, Knight Rider, A-Team, etc

    I loved Airwolf, and felt bad that apparently Jan-Michael Vincent’s problems had a part in bringing an end to the show. But I think as tech reality has outpaced tech shows (who would have thought?) that much of the technology in these shows seem almost quaint, outdated, and unnecessary in the pursuit of a bad guy. Perhaps it’s because these shows appealed to a single demographic at the time – teenage boys. Maybe it’s just because I just grew up. Or maybe it’s because Airwolf seems like a cold-war era throwback. I do think that one reason Knight Rider gets poor ratings today is that it can’t compete with an X-Box (which we didn’t have back then – or the internet).

    The thing about Airwolf/Knight Rider is that the tech was *believable* (well ok most of it). The modern day Knight Rider for all of it’s CGI does not really have *believable* technology, in it’s attempt to outpace or outdo other shows or all the current fantastic real life technology that has developed since the eighties. Besides, it seems hackneyed anyway because of the plethora of SciFi movies and TV shows that we have had since then. In the early eighties there also seemed to be a dearth of tech/science fiction shows, esp. in the shadow that Star Wars created. The reason is that the technology to create such shows was expensive if it existed, time consuming, and difficult (read the accounts of what producing the final episodes of Galactica was like). It seemed that Airwolf/Knight Rider broke through these barriers. Nowadays though it is commonplace and not unusual. Interestingly, i think the cars in “The Fast and Furious” seem more appealing to me than a Knight Industries 2000. A Joint Strike Fighter is more interesting than an Air wolf (or a Firefox for that matter!). The single greatest SciFi show I have seen lately was the cerebral (and hence probably why it was cancelled) Journeyman. I have rearely seen TV that good, and that goes for the current “Galactica”, though it’s not bad itself.

    But yes, I have the Airwolf theme as my ring tone.

  5. Duffong says:

    That was 2:59 minutes too long.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Come on, Firefox would’ve splashed Airwolf right away. Now, if it were Airwolf vs. Blue Thunder (the movie, not the ridiculous TV show), it’d be close.

  7. Nonentity says:

    Ernie Cline’s Airwolf rant is always good..

    (Though, you could nitpick that the government didn’t get into trouble by asking Hawk to test pilot – it was asking him to steal Airwolf back that got them in trouble. Ok, I’m a nerd.)

  8. Anonymous says:

    ECLECTRO, Dom’s computer was actually a Convergent Workslate:

    The FireFox vs Airwolf edit is an interesting one, and whilst Airwolf could probably out-maneuver Firefox, Mach 3 would enable it run away faster from Hawke’s skills.

    The Firefox closing theme is also worth a mention and is a great anthem (shame the rest of soundtrack is so dire) but Airwolf’s main theme is just so iconic and enjoyed by thousands of people worldwide. Just look at the success and record-breaking status of the Airwolf Themes soundtrack 2CD to prove that. They’re even doing two sequels it was so popular.

  9. tubgull says:

    Is this some sort of new Rickroll?

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