Hold Your Heads Up High: You'll never drink alone with the Octopus Tap

The "Octopus Tap" is a standard push-powered keg tap with only half-an-octopus' worth of spouts attached. Perfect for those like me who drink alone but wish they could fill their cups four times as fast. The basic Octopus Tap costs $73, plus shipping.
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7 Responses to Hold Your Heads Up High: You'll never drink alone with the Octopus Tap

  1. Andreas says:

    Skip the mugs, just gather around the keg and enjoy the beer-hookah together!

  2. LuvULongTime says:

    Get past the cheesy site, but UberDispensing has a similar model (UberTap) with foot pedal for pumping. I have one and can say that it works quite nicely at the yearly post labor day neighborhood party. No issue with low flow with the volume of air the foot pump can maintain on the keg.


  3. Elvis Pelt says:

    @1: Can’t imagine so, but four people get to suffer at once.

  4. Brother Provisional says:

    Should I be concerned that the first place my mind goes with this is to evaluate the logistics of a quad keg-stand? Why do people even do keg stands? It just seems like a lot of wasted effort.

  5. Bevatron Repairman says:

    IANAE, but the flow is limited by the amount of pressure on the surface of the beer in the keg. Open two taps, and each person gets beer at no better than half the rate.

  6. Enochrewt says:

    When that fratboy dumbass at the party over pumps this tap, does it work work any better than the regulare one?

  7. nehpetsE says:

    insert octo-mom reference here

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