It requires no lubrication

Mark "Android Man" Miller writes in to tell us of his latest odd robot creation, The Lazy-Arsed Fisherman.
It started off long ago as a serious project idea, got pushed off to the side for a while, and finally I made this parody video about it: Small business success story.
Miller's got some stuff up here, but his awe-inspiring zombie robot video is gone. Previously: Self-Taught "Android Man" Building Better Robos Update: Zombies here and here.

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3 Responses to It requires no lubrication

  1. castvee8 says:

    My apologies for not making you laugh-I will henceforth in the future attempt to make my inventions at least slightly blip on the funny meter.Or not.

  2. Art Carnage says:

    Doesn’t even register a blip on the funny meter.

  3. Rob Beschizza says:

    Art is Mr. Grumpy, pay him no heed.

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