Visualization: "UrbaDiary", fourteen people GPS tracked in London

Fabian writes:
Five blog posts about GPS tracking project "UrbaDiary" that looks at the spatial extension of peoples habits in the city environment. Fourteen participants are tracked with GPS to record their movements. Google Earth is used as a visualization engine for animating the data, maps and graphs complete the picture.
There's much more than just the above image, with 3D generated animations showing routes superimposed over maps of London. In fact, let me just embed one below to give you an idea.
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7 Responses to Visualization: "UrbaDiary", fourteen people GPS tracked in London

  1. Anonymous says:
    is a project made for X venice biennale, but still functioning.

  2. kaiza says:

    I just gotta say, at first I thought you were taking the piss with that video – at a glance it looks like some asphalt with a paint splatter on it.

  3. Elvis Pelt says:

    Just got a Pharos Trips and Pics thingee to geotag photos. The Google World map trace is both fascinating and kinda depressing. I need to freakin’ branch out.

  4. WalterBillington says:

    If my wife sticks an RFID on me and anyone else, she might spot odd encounters that are beyond her “need to know” level.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is my second response. Apparently your server didn’t like me the first time.

    I am surprised that you could find people to participate in a tracking program, given the current sensitivity to increasing public surveillance in Britain. I note that there is a common, recurring centre for the participants but it’s probably a Tube station.


    P.S. I don’t like to have to register for reply programs. I am not rude or inciting violence and as long as you filter for those things you don’t need to know anymore than you can find by tracking me on the web. That would be a whole lot of info already!

  6. redsquares says:

    Guy Debord, invoking Chombart de Lauwe, has something to say about this… :(

  7. markfrei says:

    Makes me think of Mrs Dalloway… gone high tech.

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