Vaio P finishing and detailing kit

I thought this was dumb until I realized it was awesome: Sony sells a fashion cleaning kit for the Vaio P, complete with two grades of microfiber cloth and a makeup brush for more rigorous dusting. The model number of the makeup brush is Sony VGP-CG100. Jenn Lee reviews it at Pocketables and gives it a thumbs up!
It may seem ridiculous that Sony makes something like this (and that I bought it), but it's a good value for the price, the cleaning tools are of high quality, and everything nicely fits into the case for easy storage and transport. It's also not bad looking and hey, for a Sony fangirl like me, I can't complain about those Vaio labels either.
ORDERED. Review: Sony Vaio PC cleaning kit (VGP-CG100) [Pocketables]

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4 Responses to Vaio P finishing and detailing kit

  1. dorkhero says:

    And I thought I was special when Apple gave me a black microfiber cloth with an embossed Apple logo with my Black MacBook (late 2007 Santa Rosa). Hey Apple! See what Sony users are getting?

  2. Robabob says:

    I refuse to buy this until they sell Vaio washing powder for my Vaio washing machine, this was I can keep my cleaning kit freshly laundered in a Sony approved manner.

  3. strider_mt2k says:

    Can’t blame ‘em at all.
    I carry a microfiber cloth for my Mini 9, and always have some canned air around at home to shoo away particulates.

    It’s worth it if you care for your toys!

  4. dculberson says:

    I keep 80 gallons of canned air in the basement. 175psi! 1up’d!! ;-)

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